Hi I'm @simon.prochaska and over the next days I'm going to show you what we have seen on our journey through the beautiful Faroe Islands! Isn't it amazing how powerfully the light, the weather and the coastal line of the Faroe Islands interact with each other. A wonderful natural spectactle! #faroeislands #visitfaroeislands


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Exploring breath taking views in remote parts of the world #letravelogger


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{Majesty} • La moschea di Solimano è stata la prima che ho visitato a Istanbul. Così imponente. Da stare ore ad ammirarla. E all’interno?? Le sensazioni provate al suo interno sono indescrivibili... si possono capire solo se vissute 🕌❤️


Photographer @dryhenmiham Location : floating market Banjarmasin, Indonesia. •••••••••••••••••••••••••• #witasari77_


🎧 ella fitzgerald - angel eyes #faroeislands

silvercompassjournal. Bars of New Orleans postcard / notecard set. Foldable, blank notecards

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И почему не вся осень такая 💛 #park


Never underestimate the satisfaction that a good parking can give you (not that I’ve experienced it)

jayswildlife. Scientific name: Oryctes nasicornis
Common name: the European Rhinocer

Scientific name: Oryctes nasicornis Common name: the European Rhinoceros Beetle Family: Scarabaeidae Order: Coleoptera, Beetles Distribution & habitat: Found from middle Scandinavia, down to rest of the Europe, Mediterranean area and parts of Northern Africa. Larvae of the O. nasicornis is easiest to find in middle of composts, rotting wood piles, sawdust, rotting plant material etc. Adults can be often found from same piles during the day time, but they come out during the night, either to breed or to find new habitats and often gets attracted to lights. This won't be info based post, as I already once posted about this species, but back then only had photos of the female, as I had never seen a male before. But.. this summer, first day of July, I found my first male! I was out photographing for couple hours early in the morning, just after sunrise and decided to pop by one pile of sawdust and woodchips near my old work place, where I've previously found 3 female O. nasicornis. After a while of searching for something to photograph, even digging the pile a little bit here and there, I was about to leave and that's when I noticed this stunning male just laying there next to my foot. At first I thought it was dead, as it wasn't moving and 2 of the females I've found on top of that pile, were also dead, for whatever reason.. but noticed after picking it up that it was indeed alive. After few photos and the videos, I packed my camera and was again about to leave, but decided to quickly check why it was above ground during the morning, despite being alive. And that's when I noticed little bit of movement below it. I dug up 2 little bit larger male O. nasicornis below this one that's on the photos! Not sure at all if this one was above ground because of them or some other reason, but considering his smaller size, him getting "kicked out" could be one plausible reason. Also to point out, the 2nd shot from the side, is a stack of 3 photos. My first try of focus stacking. I also tried to do focus stack of the front angle, but noticed at home that in each photo the beetle had moved his mouth parts just enough to mess up the focus stack, so.. yeh..


Day 2 - Kilimanjaro Trek! Left Machame Camp at 2835m heading up to Shira 2 Camp at 3750m. After a quick pit stop at our tents we headed off to explore Shura Cave and listen to @khaldrogo_brunno tell us of the history of the caves! Next surprise was a warm welcome from all the Gfighters with some local singing and dance @gadventures #gadventures #gceos #roofofafrica #sevensummits #kilimanjaro #mountkilimanjaro #africa #hakunamatata #shiracamp2 #irishgirlonthemove #girlswhohike #hikescotland #neverstopexploring #solotravel 🏔🎶🇹🇿⛺️🌏

letskitesurf. “Caption this 🤔😯😝”- via @cabrinhakites 🏄‍♂️🤙 Tag #letskitesurf to

“Caption this 🤔😯😝”- via @cabrinhakites 🏄‍♂️🤙 Tag #letskitesurf to be featured!


The cliffs of the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.


Day 17. Cupcake with pomegranate topping anyone?


What a way to finish off 6 days of trekking..with sunrise over the Himalayas. How do you choose when all the photos you take are so good?? #sunrise #nepal #trekking #himalayas #annapurna #mountains #hike #poonhill #poonhillsunrise #ghorepani #neverstopexploring


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