💪🏻CARBS FOR BULKING: - ❌Carbs are public enemy No. 1 for many people trying to shift some fat. As much as we love pasta, bread, and every sweet you can think of, too many of us have been brainwashed into thinking carbs will make us fat.... - 🔆Newsflash: They won't. - You need carbs for energy, and of course deprivation will only end in you diving face-first into a gallon of junk - ⚠️What will help is eating the right carbs - ✅I recommend consuming nutrient-dense carbs with at least two to three grams of fiber per 100 calories since your body breaks down fiber more slowly, keeping you feeling full for longer. Complex carbs are packed with fiber so no worries there👌🏻 - 🧐No need to read every nutrition panel, though. If it looks healthy it probably is. Plus healthy foods generally don’t come with labels.. that’s another big clue 💥 - 📝 Here is list of the healthiest starchy carbs to include in your diet. Of course carbs should form part of a balanced diet not a complete diet. - If you’re building muscle and training hard smash as many carbs as you desire.. if you’re training hard enough you’ll need the energy... bring on the bulk 💪🏻 - Sam- CLEAN Gains ✌🏻

trainerconnectfitness. 📍Struggling To Get Started? Try This!📍
Does it seem like no matte

📍Struggling To Get Started? Try This!📍 ⠀  Does it seem like no matter what plan you follow, you can't see any progress or even get the freaking scale moving? ⠀  If so, I’ve gotta CHALLENGE for you… THIS month, I want you to implement as many of these strategies as you can. No cutting carbs 🍞, forgoing fat 🍳, or slashing sugar 🍭… You need to eat fewer calories to lose weight, but if you go in with a list of “bad” foods you can’t have anymore, it’ll just worsen your relationship with food, and you may end up quitting. A better approach is to start ADDING healthy habits👇 Instead of eliminating foods… ✅ Add more low-calorie veggies & lean protein Instead of eliminating all snacks… ✅ Snack once per day, and try to make it a fruit or protein. Instead of eliminating liquid calories & sauces… ✅ Including more low/zero calorie alternatives. It’s a bit more difficult to give generic advice with exercise, but something I live by is: “a little too little beats a little too much.” Most people go 0 —> 100 with exercise… They assume *more* is always *better* If lifting 2-3 times per week is good, 6-7 times is better! If walking every day is good, running sprints every day is better! Remember, you’re human 👱‍♂️ — not a robot 🤖 It’s really just a matter of time before you burn out and have to, a) reassess your plan, or b) quit 👎 So if you’re up for it, I’d love for you to give this a try! For one month, keep thing simple with this short list of strategies. Best case scenario? It kickstarts your weight loss journey in a healthy, sustainable way. Worst case scenario? You don’t lose much weight, but you’re at least feeling better and engaging in a buttload of healthy habits that’ll lead to success. Gonna give it a go? Let me know down below! — All credit to @cartergood - great post here boss . . . #weightlossjourney #weightloss #weightlosstransformation #weightlossideas #weightloss #weightgain #weight #motivation #loseweightfast #lose #pants #plan #nutrition #nutritionist #nutritioncoaching #nutritionfacts #facts #organic #fitness #lifestyle #workout


What does your breakfast look like? Eating a variety of food and changing up your ingredients often is the key for a balanced diet. I eat loads of different breakfasts, but one of my favourites is oats - especially when the weather gets cooler. It's good for detox and weight loss. Having 1 cup to 1 1⁄2 cups of cooked oats provides six grams of fiber. It also reduces your appetite as oats take a while to digest, preventing unwelcome spikes in blood sugar and keeping you fuller for longer. A big bowl of nourishing porridge also just makes you feel so warm and cosy 🍴

thefitnesschef_. Tag a costa coffee lover, hit save and keep everyone informed on your

Tag a costa coffee lover, hit save and keep everyone informed on your favourite items ☕️🔥. - - Coffee houses are great. They bring people together, develop friendships and deliver palatable beverages/foods to their consumer. - - That said, the act of consuming one’s favourite coffee (ish) beverage is one which is done often and without much consideration of actual ingredients included in their drink of choice. After all, “Let’s meet for a coffee” would technically mean “Let’s meet for an Americano/espresso”. Yet, in most cases these original selections are not chosen. - - As you can see, most options on this list deviate from the original by inclusion of additional ingredients (mainly forms of milk, cream and sugar based flavoring). For example; an individual may have just arrived to meet their best friend at Costa (as they do every Friday). They are there to hear about their friend’s exotic galavant in the Bahama’s. They order the popular chai latte. They know it’s going to be a lengthy chat, so they select a slice of carrot cake for the impending audio annihilation. - - During this intense ‘coffee catch up’, this individual just consumed 927 calories from a medium caffeinated beverage and a slice of cake. Whilst awareness of this specific episode of calorie consumption allows the individual to factor it in to overall calorie intake and goal, lack of awareness does not. - - Enjoy coffee. Enjoy food. But if fat loss is the aim and progress has stalled/never begun, there is a simple reason for that. And it’s up to you to become directly aware of that reason, address it and take steps to ensure that you enable a consistent calorie deficit which allows you to enjoy your ‘coffee catch ups’ with or without cake 🙂. - - #thefitnesschef #coffee #coffeelover #costacoffee #capuccino #fatloss #fatlosstips #nutritionfacts #nutritiontips #fatlossjourney #cake #frostino #icedcoffee #calories #highsugar #sugar #caloriecounting #losebellyfat #portioncontrol


Easy plant-based snacking! #plantbased #RDeats #nutritionbymia⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ 1️⃣ Air-fried potato wedges 🍟+ 🍯-sweetened ketchup. ⁣ 2️⃣ Cauliflower hummus on crispbread cracker with EBTB seasoning from TJ.⁣ 3️⃣ Bell pepper + guacamole 🥑.⁣ 4️⃣ Raspberries & 🍯-sweetened chocolate🍫.⁣ 5️⃣ Cashews & dried cherries 🍒 (good for sleep 💤).⁣ 6️⃣ Sunbutter & grain-free granola dipped medjool dates - best ever when you have a sweet tooth. ⁣ —⁣⁣ #foodfacts #nutritionfacts #healthyliving #healthylifestyle #eatrealfood #wholefood #mindfuleating #healthfood #fitfood #fitfoodie #cleaneating #cleaneats #mealprep #cleanliving #mealprepping #mealprepmonday #groceryhaul #foodprep #mealplanning #mealpreps #mealprepideas #healthyeats #mealplans #mealplanning #mealprepideas #nutritiontips #vegetarian #vegan #snackideas


・・・ Saturday toast party 🎉 🍞 Celebrating a sunny day (praying spring is here to stay 🙏) with this savory squad 🤗🍳🥑. - three slices of @mikeys bread toasted and topped with 1) fluffy scrambled eggs (there’s a tutorial in my stories) •• smashed avocado + feta cheese •• sautéed garlicky spinach with red pepper & parmesan + a soft boiled egg 🍳. - Feeling like I have pep back in my step after 10 hours of sleep last night and yoga flow this morning 🧘‍♀️☺️ On the agenda for the rest of the day: apartment hunting, a sun run, and dinner tonight with a few of my favorite girls 👯‍♀️ Sending you all love!💕😘 by: @sara.haven #foodfacts #nutritionfacts #healthyliving #healthylifestyle #eatrealfood #breakfast #mindfuleating #followforfollowback #fitfood #fitfoodie #cleaneating #cleaneats #healthyrecipes #cleanliving #mealprepping #foodprep #mealplanning #mealprepideas #healthyeats #mealplans #recipes #followtrain #whatieatinaday #whatiate #mealprep #highprotein #healthymeals #healthyfood #weightlossfood


Komuś kawkę na dobre rozpoczęcie weekendu? ☕ . . Nie od dziś wiadomo, że kawa (zwłaszcza ta z kawiarni, z dodatkami) może być bombą kaloryczną 💣 Co innego kawa bez mleka, bez bitej śmietany czy cukru. Ta wtedy praktycznie nie ma kalorii 😅 W dodatku posiada wiele właściwości zdrowotnych 💁‍♀️ Warto więc ją pić! Ale UWAGA UWAGA na dodatki! 💥💥💥 . . 2 łyżeczki cukru to już dodatkowe 40 kcal, jeśli do tego dołożymy porcje bitej śmietany 40 kcal zmienia się już w około 140 kcal, a już nie będę tu wspominać o syropach smakowych i dodatku mleka (100ml mleka to ok 50 kcal, a czesem dodaje się go znacznie więcej), czyli sumując nasze podstawowe dodatki mają ok 200 kcal 😱 Tyle co batonik 🤣 . . Ale tam! Raz na jakiś czas można sobie pozwolić 😅 Ja sobie życia bez Latte nie wyobrażam! ❤️ A jaka jest Wasza ulubiona kawa? Dajcie znać, kto też jest TEAMCOFFEELOVER? Miłego wieczoru 😘 . . . . . . #piątek #piąteczek #piątunio #weekend #porównanie #infografika #grafika #coffeelover #coffee #kawa #caffe #caffelatte #starbucks #mocha #machiatto #cappucino #expresso #bitaśmietana #cukier #kcal #kalorie #nutrition #nutritionfacts #weightloss #fatloss #like4like #l4l #dietetyk #dietetyka #odchudzanie

karissaarmand4130. So strong! ❤️

So strong! ❤️


Recently I’ve seen A LOT of opinion posts on intuitive eating/iifym/tracking. Since people continually think that their method of eating is superior to everyone else’s, I’ve decided to do a post on reasons someone may not be able to intuitive eat and another on why someone may not be able to track food. 🙂 • • WHEN INTUITIVE EATING MAY NOT WORK: . . #1. Overweight/obesity: meet George. George is obese. George eats McDonalds, a snickers bar, and a big gulp for every meal. George now has leptin resistance. George’s body no longer interprets satiety cues. George never feels “full” and continues to gain weight as he eats more and more. . . #2. ED/ED recovery: meet Sally. Sally is recovering from an ED. Sally desperately needs to gain weight. After chronically under-eating for years, Sally’s body may not send appropriate hunger cues to tell her to eat the amount she needs. . . #3 The emotional eater/yo-yo dieter: meet Carol. Carol likes to binge watch greys anatomy. Carols favorite character dies so she cries about it into a pint of Ben and Jerry’s and a box of tasty cakes (we’ve all been there carol, sorry to throw you under the bus). Carol uses food as an emotional comfort. . . I’m NOT saying these people should count macros or calories or anything. What I want to point out is that the principles of “oh eat when you’re hungry stop when you’re full, eat nutritious foods etc etc” may not work due to physiological/psychological responses to food. These people may need more guidance. They may need a meal plan from a dietitian. And THATS OKAY. Thx u for coming to my ted talk. Goodbye. ✌️ . . . . . . #intuitiveeating #macros #toast #strongnotskinny #nutritition #hangry #foodie #RD2be #carbiebarbie #eatyourveggies #bootygainz #nutritionfacts #snacks #fuelyourbody #opinion #yogurt #pumpkinspice #daveskillerbread #cinnamonraisin

redwoodhealthhk. Why your body need water 💦 
Repost @kyle.coughlan

Why your body need water 💦 Repost @kyle.coughlan


🙋‍♀️ You got this, girl! I'm that girl that's scared about what others think of her. I'm that girl that thinks, "what if they don't like me?". I'm that girl that's scared to speak in public. I'm that girl that takes negative comments serious, BUT I promised myself the day I became an Online Wellness Coach no more. No more being scared. No more giving a fudge. No more! . You don't like what I post - unfollow me. You don't like what I have to say - don't listen You don't think I got what it takes - that's fine You think my certificates, my goals, and my dreams are stupid - that's OK . Life isn't about what others think you should do or how you should do it. It's about what you want. I want to be a Wellness Coach. I want to help others. I want to build my business. I want to crush my goals. I want to dream big. . Are you into fitness? Have you ever thought about coaching others, even if it was just for a second but put the thought aside? Do you follow those big Instagram accounts wishing you could do what they do? Girl, you can. . Stop being scared. Let's do it together. Let's push each other to our limits. Let's be each other's support. . It's soooo worth it to let go and try something new. Fear is getting you nowhere. Goals are! If you want to join an amazing tribe of girls to coach others let me know. . You could be that big Instagram account next year. You could be the one others look up to and think "I wish I could do what she does". . Don't let fear run your life. . #goals #life #fitblisstribe

dedicated_cyclist. Curry gainzzzzz!!! This time with a different dal. #hotcurry #spicy #w

Curry gainzzzzz!!! This time with a different dal. #hotcurry #spicy #weightloss #healthymeals #nutritionfacts #veganmeals


📣 New blog post!! Head over to my blog (link in comments) to see the latest article I was interviewed for, featured in the Epoch Times. The topic was lab grown meat! Comment below and let me hear your thoughts! Are you pro-lab grown meat? Or is it too much like something you’d see on the sci-fi channel? . . . . #prananutrition #nutrition #dietitian #plantbased #plantpowered #vegan #vegetarian #rd #powerofplants #tampa #plantbasedeats #nutritionist #whatdietitianseat #eatmoreplants #plantparty #vegansofig #wholefood #healthyeats #nutritionfacts #labgrownmeat #wholefoodsplantbased #farmacyrevolution #inspirehealth #veganfoodshare #epochtimes

vibrantly_vegan. I had a post all written up and ready to go this morning, but ended up

I had a post all written up and ready to go this morning, but ended up starting off my day on a really bad note and never got around to posting. Long story short: I decided to try once more with doctors to maybe get some explanation for my chronic acid reflux, only to be let down once again. “Are you sure you’re not just depressed?” I’ve come to realize that as soon as doctors start to feel challenged and unable to cover up the problem with medication, they throw it back on the patient and assume that the symptoms are all in their head. Well, I wasn’t depressed until after the appointment. I already feel extremely guilty for losing all of my strength and being unable to keep up with my workout regime, and it only makes me feel worse when people have to point out that I’m skinny or accuse me of having a mental illness. Yes, I am aware that I am underweight. No, I am not purposely under-eating. Unless you have experienced what it’s like to live with stomach bile continuously burning your esophagus, don’t question why I’m not eating enough and/or why I’m eating the things that I’m eating. With that being said, after a meltdown and a long discussion with my mom this morning, I came to the conclusion that I have to take matters into my own hands and somehow figure out exactly what is causing the reflux. I have ideas as to what things may be bothering me, but I’ve been hesitant to avoid them both out of judgment of others and out of pure denial since these foods are typically very healthy for most people. So...after I finish posting some pre-prepared pictures and a YouTube video, you may see some changes in my diet. I have no other choice than to make a change and at least see if I can get some relief. And if I don’t see any changes, then I can always reintroduce the foods back into my diet. After all, nothing is permanent and we are meant to continuously evolve✌🏼 Also...if you feel the need to judge my decisions, then simply unfollow. No one knows what it’s like to be me, and no one has any right to shame me for trying to get better.

nurture.inc. La ingesta de proteína post-entrenamiento siempre debe de ser relación

La ingesta de proteína post-entrenamiento siempre debe de ser relación 1gr de proteína por cada 2grs de carbohidratos por cada kilogramo de peso de la persona para definición #facts #nutritionfacts #nurtureinc

chillfactorfitness. PROUD DAD AND TRAINER!!!....My teenage Daughter wanted Chick-Fil-A tod

PROUD DAD AND TRAINER!!!....My teenage Daughter wanted Chick-Fil-A today. Unexpectedly, she chose a #SpicySouthwestSalad without any Encouraging or suggestions from me. She then stated she really likes it and will start selected it going forward. I even.noticed her looking at the #NutritionFacts on the back of the dressing and state she will select a different dressing next time because this one had to much sugar/calories....WHAT???So, it really is true that what your children SEE you do, can be more influential to their choices then what they HEAR you say. #BetterChoicesGivesBetterResults plus #HalfnHalfTea Thou, I have mixed feelings as a father, realizing she likes wearing #CropTops and an athletic build. Growing up too fast. #SheDoesListen #BetterChoicesAsATeenager Brings #BetterResultsAsAnAdult #HealthyChoicesGivesHealthyResults #ProudFather #ProudTrainerDad #StayHealthyMyFriend #ChillFactorFitness #CoachingU2Results


Snack attack!! Protein snacks are ideal and there’s many options available but here’s a overview of the amount of protein that you are getting from eggs and cottage cheese... #proteinsnacks #ballinabusiness #nutritionfacts


So proud of my friend and fellow fit coach @monkey0205 for achieving these amazing results and continued progress! She’s lost inches in her waist and gained muscle all over 🍑 and is HAPPIER too! I can’t wait to watch you grow! . . . . You can start your own Transformation and can join her and many others in our $$ Cash Prize Weight Loss challenge that starts October 22nd!! Are you ready? DM me for details.

planttheseed__. Chia pudding topped with a little bit of everything on this gloomy mor

Chia pudding topped with a little bit of everything on this gloomy morning 🌧 Chia seeds are often touted as a great source of omega-3- an essential fatty acid that humans cannot make, and thus must acquire from food. Omega-3 is an excellent all-rounder boasting a number of powerful health benefits, and also happens to be one of the most heavily researched nutrients in the world. It is known as a powerful anti-inflammatory and is vital for maintaining heart, brain, eye, skin, bone and joint health. . Whilst chia seeds are rich in ALA, the short-chain omega-3 that is found in plant foods, this needs to be converted to the long-chain EPA and DHA to be optimally utilised by the body. Research suggests this process is quite inefficient, with the estimated conversion rate below 10 per cent. . So while their importance as a source of omega-3 may be a little overstated, chia seeds still have many other nutritional benefits. They are high in fibre to promote digestive health and act as a prebiotic to beneficial gut bacteria, are a good source of the antioxidant vitamin E to fight against free-radical damage, and are excellent at stabilising blood sugar to provide slow-burning energy and stave off sweet cravings, making them the ideal breakfast option. . 2 tbsp chia seeds soaked in @insideoutng almond milk, topped with @picspeanutbutter , hemp seeds, berries, cacao nibs and coconut 🌴


Favorite part of the day = breakfast 🍌🍓 What is your fav meal of the day?! 🥒🍉 • • Today I made this yummy pre workout smoothie bowl! Here are the ingredients! • 1.5 frozen bananas • 2 medjool dates • 1 cup spinach • 1 tsp spiralina • 1tsp Maca powder • 1 celery stick • 1/2 cup frozen broccoli • 1/3 cup @foragerproject vegan milk • 1tsp chia seeds ——————————- Blend and add yummy toppings! I used my fav bowl @coconutbowls 🥥 • • Maca powder benefits: • Boosts immune system • Promotes balance within the body • Helps increase bone density and strength. ——————————- Benefits of Spiralina: • Powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. • High in many nutrients. • Detoxes heavy metals. • Boosts energy. • Healthy hair and nails! ———————————— • • • • chowbellatravels #acai #acaibowl #acaibowls #recipe #food #foodie #travel #girlsabroad #foodblogger #findingbalance #balanceyourlife #wellness #wellnessjourney #dowhatyoulove #buddhabowl #buddhabowls #nourishbowl #healthyfood #healthylunch #nutrition #nutritionfacts #exercise #moveyourbody #findhealthyourway #treatyoself #eattofuel #fitfood #strongnotskinny #fuelitup

tayloredwellbeing. Don't let the fancy lingo of the food industry fool you!
Not only is

Don't let the fancy lingo of the food industry fool you! • Not only is it important to read your labels; it’s important to know what to look for • This is to support everyone in making truly healthy choices! • #nutrition #autoimmunedisease #chronicpain #chronicillness #nosugaradded #ayurveda #minerals #healdocumentary #nutritionfacts #awakening #healingwithouthurting

haleysnutrition. What are the best food sources of vitamin D?

If you haven't had your

What are the best food sources of vitamin D? If you haven't had your Vitamin D levels checked lately, DO IT! Here are some of my favorite FOOD SOURCES OF VITAMIN D Fatty fish, like tuna, mackerel, salmon, and sardines Six ounces of cooked salmon has more than 600 international units (IU) Foods fortified with vitamin D, like some dairy products, orange juice, soy milk, and cereals Fortified milk usually has 400 IU per serving, but it’s usually the D2 form Beef liver (can be taken as a supplement) Cheese Egg yolks Mushrooms grown under UV light Cod liver oil (taken as a supplement) Vitamin D is fat soluble, so consuming it with fat improves absorption What is your VITAMIN D status??? #vitamind #vitaminddeficiency #checkyourstatus #labrecommendation #knowyourlevels #immunesystem #immunesupport #immunebooster #foodsource #fatsolublevitamins #nutrition #nutritioncoach #nutritionfacts #knowyourbody #deficiencies #labs #eatyourvitamins #thebasics #health #knowwhatyourbodyneeds #realfood


Recuerda leer el etiquetado nutricional!!! Y la lista de ingredientes 🗒🗒 A la hora de elegir un alimento, es más importante ver su composición que sus calorías!!! Ya que SI importa de donde estas provengan! Procura que los productos no tengan azúcar añadida ni que las listas sean muy largas. Mientras más natural mejor ✅✅ #healthylifestyle

austin_striveforgreatness. Look at the nutrition facts before you eat anything!! This is terrible

Look at the nutrition facts before you eat anything!! This is terrible if you are trying to loose weight and eat healthy. Pay attention to what is in your food and please don’t feed this to children!! #unhealthyfood #keepawayfromchildren #nutritionfacts #payattention #important #poptarts

kristenbrowngrote. YUM!


ilweightloss. The deep sweat you can get in the sauna helps release toxins from the

The deep sweat you can get in the sauna helps release toxins from the body and stimulates blood circulation. A good sweat also rejuvenates your skin and releases dead skin cells. Consult your primary Doctor before visiting a sauna. If you want more information about how to live a fit and healthy lifestyle, please give us a call at (872) 702-4254. #livewellbydesign #noquickfixes #drgoldie #loseweight #eathealthy #generationwellness #generationactive #happy #fit   #obesitymedicinespecialist #weightlossmd #nutritionfacts #wellnesscoach #wellpreneur #fitbydesign

strongby_ben_jame. Do you eat cookies? If so, do you think Quest and/or Lenny and Larry’s

Do you eat cookies? If so, do you think Quest and/or Lenny and Larry’s cookies are healthier and better after exercising because they advertise more protein? Check out the macronutrients for each of the pictured chocolate chip cookies. We have Quest, Lenny and Larry’s, and simplerecipes generic chocolate chip cookie recipe. They range from 200-300 calories per serving, and they differ vastly in terms of fat, protein, carbohydrates, and fiber! (Also taste lol). Quest cookies have the most protein, but also have 17 g of fat. This post if not meant to shame these companies or brands, it is meant as an informational post and it is perfectly okay to eat any or all of these specific cookies, but just keep this information in mind when thinking about nutrition to achieve a fitness goal.

motivatedbybrett. Save the drama.....for another time....cause I gotta pee!!!!!!

Save the drama.....for another time....cause I gotta pee!!!!!! . . Water fact: you should be drinking at LEAST 1/2 your body weight, in ounces daily. (Ex. I’m about 180 lbs which means I should be drinking at least 90 ounces every day). . Not on Wednesdays, not during the week, not sometimes, EVERY SINGLE DAY! . . Drama fact: nobody cares so suck it up buttercup! If you can fix it, then you don’t have a problem. If you can’t fix it, then you can’t do anything about it anyway so you don’t have a problem, move on. . . Stay hydrated friends! . . . . . #MotivatedByBrett #motivation #motivationalquotes #Motivationalspeaker #speaker #nutritionfacts #fitspo #positivemindset #fitnesstips #habits #dailyhabits #selfcare #personaldevelopment #hydration #fitness #fitnessmotivation #healthy #believeinyourself #healthyhabits #lifestyle #greatness #workout #drinkwater #workoutmotivation #drama #hydration #nutrition #water