atoamotos.co. 🤣🤣 no paso mas...

🤣🤣 no paso mas... #humor

weldingfablife. Another amazing exhaust manifold from @archerfabrications •

Another amazing exhaust manifold from @archerfabrications • • • Follow 👉 @weldingfablife for more!

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Name This bike 😂

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Video by: @gmk001

Dope or nope? Follow @noteworthyexotics for more! Video by: @gmk001

autoluxury1. Rate this Rolls Royce 0 - 100 😈
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Rate this Rolls Royce 0 - 100 😈 📸 @rdbla | #Autoluxury1 - - Visit our website 👇 🔴www.AUTOLUXURY1.com🔴


This weekend was insane! I had a blast at MHOR rc raceway's annual pizza feast! Qualifying, racing and watching this was a crazy awesome event to be apart of. There was 92 racers this weekend with 39 main races. Despite lack of practice or track experience, new car, new track layout, opposite direction, limited practice time, changing setups and overall stress I was able to get 2nd in qualifying! When I got to my main race it was a nasty, chaotic race with lots of crashing that you would expect from several stressed inexperienced racers. Amazingly no one broke any parts in my main race. My first few laps were filled with ugly crashes including a huge pileup on lap 2 but after the halfway point I drove carefully and avoided any real big crashes and scored 3rd place. The podium pic looks a little embarrassing though because I lost to some young kids but in my defense they had racer dads and had more track experience than me. Anyway after this race I learned a lot about racing including how boring it is to race just one of many classes in a big race. Next year I'll definitely get another race rig or two (stadium truck?) And I'll take something for the outdoor 8th scale track like what some geniuses did between races. Even though it was a little stressful I had a blast and can't wait til next year's pizza feast! Thanks Chad Brockman for the setup help and for keeping MHOR alive! . Btw the the first vid was 13.5t 4wds and the second was my last qualifying round. . . . #race #weekend #track #day #bro #mhor #rc #raceway


Lost At Sea Race 2 | Minneapolis - “Things got a bit heated on the track today. Yes that’s Pinch on the wall” #lostatseatour #race #duece #track #boys #living #life #fun #tour #tourlife #gokarts #speedway #speed #demons #nastynate #onthetrack