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Presents @tajm1 “My name is Trinity. I’m 18. I live in Missouri. I’m a proud supporter of the military & 2nd Amendment.I love all things outdoors. In my free time I enjoy shooting guns, hunting and anything that gets me outside. I work full time taking care of people with disabilities, I’m pre-med working on becoming a doctor. I also model & promote outdoor/military/ 2nd amendment companies. Come follow me & be with my on my journey of life on social media @tajm1 😊😉 #ccgirls #cutecountrygirls #beautiful #beautifulgirls #pretty #countrygirl #countrylifestyle #classy #lady #eyes #naturalbeauty #stressrelief #chaseyourdreams #dreams


Вот один из вариантов нашей тренировки с Полиной на заднюю поверхность бедра и ягодицы💪🍑 1 сгибание голени 3- в статодинамике 2 выпады 3- в статодинамике 3 тяга 3- в статодинамике 4. гиперэкстензия 3 - в статодинамике 5 заминка 15 мин и в душ ! ✌️всем успехов в физической культуре и спорте #персональныйтренермосква #fitnessmodel #fitness #fitnessgirl #curves #ягодицыбедра #olegkuzminteam #olegkuzminn #ищутренерамосква #bodybuilding #tigermoscowclub

seninegzersizin. 🌸 Günü güzelleştirmenin en iyi yolu Senin Egzersizin ile yapılan egze

🌸 Günü güzelleştirmenin en iyi yolu Senin Egzersizin ile yapılan egzersizlerdir 😀 ⏬ 💕 Evde rahatlıkla uygulayabileceğiniz bir egzersiz daha sizlerle 😉 ⏬ 📌 Yeni başlayanlar minimum 3-4 tekrardan 2 set ile başlayabilirler. 🔥 ⏬ 🍏 Tekrar süre ve set sayılarını seviyene göre kendin belirleyebilirsin. 🍎 ⏬ 📌 Bahane yok 🔥 ✔️ Soruların mı var? Yorum kısmında sor, cevaplayalım. Haydi sende antrenman arkadaşlarını etiketle 😍 Workout by. 🎥 @fitsterville @seninegzersizin @egzersizgunlugum 😘 #look #followme #love #work #lady #fashion #asana #armbalance #yogaflow #yogalifestyle #yogini #lovewins


Expensive. Iconic. Touristy. But so worth it . Unlike many of the other hot springs in Iceland, the Blue Lagoon is not natural. It’s actually a man-made phenomenon. It’s mineral rich water a biproduct of the geothermal plant next door. It’s said that the water has medicinal properties and provides topical relief of certain skin conditions. Whether its true or not, I don’t really know.  But we were more than happy to spend 3 hours soaking in the hot water, drinking at the swim up bar, and slathering on complimentary silica mud masks . I read a lot of mixed reviews before finally deciding to visit the Blue Lagoon, but I’m so glad we decided to go. A soak in these perfectly opaque waters was exactly what we needed before our flight back home . Have you been here? Let me know what you thought in the comments


Follow @travellerspath for dreamy photos like this by @cbezerraphotos - Around the world with me - Blue Lagoon - Iceland ********* 🌇🇺🇸✨Fell asleep in New York, woke up in Reykjavik. So happy I embraced my “pathfinder” curiosity type on this amazing journey to Iceland!! From the fantastic relaxing time at the Blue Lagoon, to exploring a Glacier cave and playing with the famous Icelandic horses, Iceland, you took my breath away.