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petitemegs. Taking time today to do some self reflection. Some things I want to wo

Taking time today to do some self reflection. Some things I want to work on are : 1.) be more grateful, even in the bad times there is always something good you can take away from it. Being more grateful leads to a better and more positive way of thinking. 2.) get out of my comfort zone. In any and every kind of way. make new friends, try new things, travel new places. 3.) learn some new life skills (more gourmet cooking, more sewing, more mechanical things) 4.) be in the moment! Learn to enjoy every stage in life-the highs, the lows, crazy late nights, early mornings, quiet moments, times with friends. • • What are some things you plan on working on with yourself this year?

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... and you can't hold on to something that doesn't want to stay. . . . . . #vsco #vscofilter #vscomood #makemoments #seekthesimplicityoflife #feelsandcapture

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Question: where are you from? I want to get to know you guys better so comment below! Are you in the US? Which state? Are you from another country? Tell me where!! I’m from California, I’ve always lived here and I love it! (So does my lil puppy)

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A carpet of beautiful #Aconites at @gattonparkandgardens in Surrey ➡️www.greatbritishgardens.co.uk/england/category/gardens-to-visit-in-surrey.html

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@woolbeding_nt is an amazing National Trust hidden gem in West Sussex, not to be missed. ➡️www.greatbritishgardens.co.uk/england/item/woolbeding-gardens-midhurst.html

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каждый день нахожусь в поиске себя и с каждым днем понимаю,что я подхожу все ближе и ближе. важно находиться в движении и не бездействовать. и хорошо то,что я осознаю,где я совершаю ошибки и что нужно менять. жаль, что решений верных сразу принять не могу. наверное,это нормально. а еще сегодня последний учебный день! сказать,что я рада — ничего не сказать 🕯✨🍊

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Home from Virginia & my skin is trash. Does anyone else has overly sensitive skin esp when traveling?! my lips have gotten sooo chapped! 😭@moroccanmagic lip balm has been a life saver! Within a few minutes of my first application, my lips were no longer cracked and back to being smooth and soft. 🥰 Moroccan Magic really is magical! I keep it with me at all times now, no other lip balm compares. (Side note: Peep my baby abs coming in! Daily workouts pay off y’all)

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In an English Cottage Garden at Old Budlake Post Office, Killerton #Devon @ntkillerton ➡️www.greatbritishgardens.co.uk/england/item/budlake-kitchen-garden-near-killerton-house.html

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Yesterday was the perfect spring day & I was definitely here for it!! 2 days ago we had a tornado warning & lots of thunder and lightning and heavy rain. Now we’re having bright blue skies with lots of sun. Fingers crossed it stays this way! ❓what’s the weather like where you live? • • • • • • • • • • • • #ootdblogger #wearthisnext #anotheroutfitpost #outfitdiaries #styleinfluencer #fashionideas #petitelifestyle #petiteblogger #petitefashion #pursuepretty #petitejoys #visualcrush #seekthesimplicityoflife #communityovercompetition #communityoverfollowers #streetstyle #todayimwearingthis #bloggersunder5k #igstylediaries #ootdchannel #under5k #discoverunder5k #featureunder5 #springtimevibes #microinfluencer #microinfluencers

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Nothing on Earth can stop you 🙌🏼 except yourself (Bryan Tracy) ❣️ 80% of our limitations exist only in our minds 😘 #saturdaythinking #weekendvibes💕 —————————————— Nada en el mundo puede detenerte 👏🏼 excepto tu mismo (Bryan Tracy) #sigueadelante💪 #noparesdesoñar

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Wishing my sweet mom a very Happy 91st Birthday today! Hyvää syntymäpäivää äiti! @perry_the_berry

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Feeling Fridaylicious! 🙈☺️🥰 #fridayagain #readytoworkout ————————————— Sintindome super contenta 🥰😁 es viernes! 🙌🏼 #viernesdediversion #arelajarse

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ladychicpea. Spring has smiled prematurely on Harrogate, and we are not complaining

Spring has smiled prematurely on Harrogate, and we are not complaining! ‘Happy’ is happily posing amongst the crocuses. Isn’t it amazing what a squirt of superglue on the bum can do?🤫How far would you go for the perfect insta pic? 😂. (No dogs, or crocuses, were harmed in the making of this insta post😇) #forahappymoment #momentsofmine. . . #choosejoy #livethelittlethings #overfifty #mymagicalmoments #over50 #thehappynow #thatsdarling #postitfortheaesthetics #petitejoys #pursuepretty #seekthesimplicity #seekthesimplicityoflife #theartofslowliving #proaging #slowlivingmovement #ourplayfulstyle #fiftyplusblogger #veganfortheanimals #simplylive #rawmilk #womenhelpingwomen #funoverfifty #whimsicalwonderfulwild # #ipreview via @preview.app

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kirananindya_. Mencintaimu serupa air laut. Pasang surut akan selalu ada. Namun air l

Mencintaimu serupa air laut. Pasang surut akan selalu ada. Namun air laut tak pernah berubah rasa. . . . . . #vsco #vscofilter #vscomood #makemoments #seekthesimplicityoflife

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I do everything with tons of love 🧡 not because I’m passionated about everything 👉🏼 but because everything is more enjoyable when there’s love in it 💎🌼 #lovewhatyoudo❤️ #bossbabeeveryday 🥰 ——————————— Yo hago todo con montones de amor ❤️ no porque todo me apasione 👀 sino porque todo se disfruta mas cuando hay amor en eso 💙🧡 #amoreslaclave #felizjueves💋

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Success is going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm 💚 (Winston Churchill) 💋 #tbth #lifeisbeautiful❤️ @reebok —————————————— Exito es ir de fracaso en fracaso sin perder el entusiasmo 🙌🏼 (Winston Churchill) ☺️ #elexitoestuyo #sigueadelante💪 @reebokperu @reeboklatam

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In #Milan bought some beautiful glass beads. It was almost a year ago. Still those #beads sleep in their box waiting for the right project. My beads are like sleeping beauties - waiting for their moment so they can shine the brightest. ✨🌟✨🌟✨ #Slowjewelry at it's finest as designs are not rushed and highest grade materials need to be properly sourced. 🕵🏼‍♀️ Yes, sometimes I feel like a bead detective 🔎

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I love working on schedule 💚 but today I feel kinda tired 😴 and it’s been kinda hard to keep the rhythm through the day 😑 #oneofthosedaysagain #wednesdayfeelings ——————————————— Me encanta trabajar con un horario ❣️ pero hoy me siento cansada 😑 y ha sido dificil mantener el ritmo durante el dia 😑 #cansada😴 #felizmiercoles❤️

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I’ve been reflecting back on the past few years of my life this week and i couldn’t be happier with how far i’ve come 🌼🌙 i’m with the people i love, doing what i love and challenging myself everyday to be better. i’m beyond grateful 💫

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If anyone wants to turn my water into wine I wouldn’t have a problem with that

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When you’re late…you’re late 🙈🤷🏽‍♀️ #sorryimlate #girlsvideos ————————————— Cuando estas tarde…estas tarde 🤷🏽‍♀️🤣 #tardeotravez #nohayexcusas❌

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Girls are like web domains 👀 the one you like 💚 is already taken 💔 Is this true? ❣️ #happymoodtoday #thankfulforeverything ————————————— Las mujeres son como los dominios web 📡 la q te gusta siempre esta tomada 🙈 #felizmartesparatodos #amordemartes

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⭐️New Listing⭐️ @sledmere_house a beautiful garden near #Driffield #Yorkshire and one for your diary. ➡️www.greatbritishgardens.co.uk/england/item/sledmere-house-and-gardens.html

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3 reason why I’m still single: ❣️I can’t date food ❣️I can’t date myself ❣️I can’t date my 🐶 🐱 #singlegirlslife #happytobeme😊 ——————————————— 3 razones por las q aun sigo soltera: 💞 No puedo ser novia de la comida 💞 No puedo ser novia de mi misma 💞 No puedo ser novia de mis 🐶 🐱 #solteracodiciada #solterafeliz

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Any plans for President’s day? 🤩 Have a great Monday 💋 #presidentsday2019 #mondayoffday —————————————— Hagan de este dia un dia lleno de muchas sonrisas 🙃 y no se dejen engañar x la idea de q los lunes son dias dificiles 👀 los lunes pueden ser tan bellos como tu quieras 🥰 #hazdetudiaelmejordelosdias #felizlunes❤

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Beautiful #Crocuses - another photo from our visit to @batsforda yesterday ➡️www.greatbritishgardens.co.uk/england/item/batsford-arboretum.html

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Even angels need their sleep 😉 Good night! 😘 #sweetdreamsworld #welcomemondaymorning ————————————— Hasta los angeles necesitan dormir 😴 Hasta mañana! 😉 #dulcessueños😘 #hastamanaña

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Next weekend @perry_the_berry and I will embark on our Texas road trip. As a parent launching my first born into the world, I’ll keep it together for now and just say she looked absolutely beautiful at her farewell party last night. #verilymoments

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I’m not perfect, I know that 👉🏼 but I’m working on my imperfections ☺️ and I’m happy like that 🥰 #notperfectbuthappy #sundayfundaymood ————————————— No soy perfecta, lo se 😐 pero ando trabajando en mis imperfecciones 👉🏼 y asi soy feliz 😁 #felizcomolaperdiz #domingueandoando

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Anybody getting ready to go out tonight? 👀 Maybe late Valetine’s celebration? ❤️ #latevalentinesdinner #saturdaynightlife❤️ ———————————— Alguien alistándose para salir esta noche? 🙌🏼 Tal vez una celebración tardía por día de San Valentin? 😘 #sabadodefiesta🎉 #sabadoporlanoche💃

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To be rich in terms of money 💎 it requires you to be rich mentally and spiritually first 🧡 #saturdaymotivations #positivemindsetalways —————————————— Para ser rico en términos de dinero 🤑 se necesita primero riqueza mental y espiritual 💕 #motivacionmaxima #felizsabado❤️

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