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I don’t think you could take a bad photo of these Falls. At least not at the exact time I took this. Speaking of taking waterfall pics I’m going to post about my own 4 rankings of them... 4. FUN—just about every waterfall picture belongs in this category. These are mostly a “hey I saw a waterfall today” type of pic. And yes they are fun. 3. GOOD—-these are still of the fun category, but either someone is looking great next to it, the size of the Falls are impressive and/or it’s a interesting location. ***i feel now I must say most of my waterfall pictures are of the fun/good variety. 2. GREAT——here’s where you start to see the technique, the lighting and editing or it’s just a amazing location. ***i think I’ve taken a few of these. 1. AMAZING—- Everything is perfect. The lighting, the Falls themselves are impressive, technique is on point and the actual photo makes you want to drive and see the Milky Way at Palouse or fly to go see Victoria Falls in Africa. ***I’ve never have done this kind yet. Partly because it’s a learning process and also it’s because I hate carrying a tripod when I hike. Sooo if I ever take a amazing waterfall picture sure comment you like it, but please complement me on not being lazy and for carrying the damn thing. 😅 Anyways, I love all waterfalls and the photos of them. That’s why I keep chasing them 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼 . . . . . #waterfall #waterfallsfordays #oregon #divine_forest #tree_magic #hiking #pnwonderland #cascadiaexplored #optoutside #wildernessculture #westbysouthwest #pnwisbeautiful #oregonisbeautiful #sheexplores #wearetravelgirls #womenwhoexplore #bestnatureshot #nationalparkgeek #staywild #theoutbound #hikingtheglobe #mmmgolly #sonyalpha #bealpha #oregonexplored #idhikethat #peoplewhoadventure #goatworthy #exploretocreate #nationalpark

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Here is a panorama shot from 2 weeks ago!🍃🍁🌲🌳🌦📷 . . . . . . . . . . #maine #mainewoods #mymaine #my207 #mainer #fallinmaine #autumninmaine

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Walang kupas 🌅

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yoga_with_saskia. Take this moment right now to acknowledge how far you’ve come. The dar

Take this moment right now to acknowledge how far you’ve come. The darknesses you went through, the amount of light waiting at the end of every single one. How you’ve taken that light and that darkness and made them your strength. You took what they offered you and you grew. And entered the next cycle of darkness and light and did the same all over again. Always doing the best you could. Always becoming. And in that, already being perfect. Sending love to all the soft warriors in my life. Your strength and your struggles don’t go unnoticed. Don’t forget how special you are, no matter how much lies behind and how much lies ahead. Right here, right now.

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Last week I found my new favorite view of Platte Clove. Straight shot clear to the Hudson Valley.

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Another crazy weekend in the #whitemountains ~ Spent Saturday, Sunday and Monday in the mountains for a total of 21 miles. 💀💀💀 . . . #alpine #mountwashington #newhampshire #newhampshire #gowiththeflow #cloud #whitemountainnationalforest #newhampshire #explore #clouds

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Pines in afternoon spray #saxonswitzerland #schrammsteine #forestphotography

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🎵The Gardener&The Tree – Waterfall🎵 ⠀ в последние дни всех своих путешествий думаю: «скорее бы домой, сколько можно, запутешествовалась уже». ⠀ дома одеялко и самые вкусные завтраки, вечера с друзьями и любимый пёсель, да и с тем количеством сыров и прочих заморских запрещенок, что я привожу обычно, можно еще долго не выходить из квартиры. ⠀ проходит неделя и руки уже тянутся к телеграм каналам со скидками на билеты, к выбору отеля где-нибудь в Альпах и к планированию нового года. ⠀ ну что, когда там уже снова улетать?✈️ ⠀ 📍пиццерия Spontini недалёко от собора, с огромными вкуснейшими кусками пиццы от 4€. Милан, Италия

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lifeofpoo. • 🌹

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