How do you like to dress for a flight? The night before a trip when I’m trying to sort out what I’ll be wearing on the plane I always ask “will I be comfortable and warm enough?” You’ll rarely ever catch me in jeans on a flight I usually look exactly like I do in this picture, comfy! If you’re looking for great travel gear whether its on the plane or for your adventures check out @backcountry. . You can screenshot this image and download the @liketoknow.it app to shop this outfit. http://liketk.it/2wTWw #liketkit #GOATworthy . 📷: @lisahomsy


Here we are this weekend with @misslexy76 @831gaberodriguez and @josephsfphotography who let me use his tracker for The Milky Way. Which really is the best way to pull out the detail in the sky . We had a lot to contend to smoke from the fires and incoming fog . My friend @kirit143 really helping me a lot with editing via Skype tutorial . And all my good friends from @ig_escaype @martin_k07 and @kaushiks83 for all their critiquing and insights . Available for one on one workshops and group photo tours - Learn how to master your compositions, exposure, ISO, Aperture and Master manual settings,and learn photography techniques to create amazing images. I am sponsored by @leefilters and also instruct in the use of filters for long exposure to achieve motion effects in water or sky.  As a Bay Area resident since 1979,  my workshops & tours specialize in hard to reach locations in the San Francisco Bay Area. You can see the link in my bio for details. ---------------------------- www.gettyphotography.com ---------------------------- All of my photos are cropped for instagram, if you are interested in the full version contact me. Offering acrylic face Mount and Metal infusion prints, and licensing! ----------------------------- Nikon D850 Nikon  14 to 24 Aperture: f5.6 foreground sky f 2.8 Iso 800 foreground sky Iso 2500 Shutter 300 seconds foreground Sky 4 min x 5 shots Filter None Sw150 system White Balance Auto -—----------------------


Oozing charm 📚📘📗📚 📷 @iharvera


Many years ago, my parents bought land in a small mountain town called Julian. It was the perfect escape growing up. I’d spend weekdays going to school near the beach in La Jolla and on weekends, drive up and help my family work on our land. This was a weekly routine for as long as I could remember. We spent so much time up there making the land as beautiful as we could, lining each road with rocks, clearing fallen brush and trees, building a cabin, and transforming it into what I always saw as a mountain paradise. We’d seldom see other people and our encounters with deer and wildlife were always magical for a young kid with a vivid imagination. Then in 2003 it all went away. The Cedar Fire swept through and burned our cabin to the ground along with 99% of the trees. Fire is a natural cycle in the forests but this was caused by a lost hunter lighting a fire to signal for help. It was hard to watch decades of work disappear in a matter of weeks but we hung on to the land and have spent many years re-planting and trying to nurse the magical area back to health. Even though it will take generations for the trees to grow back, there’s still moments where the land will take my breath away. This weekends Perseid meteor shower was no exception. Gathering with my family and watching the streaks across the sky was a great memory of all the times the land brought our family together.


On the way to the office this morning


In Greece, it's just called yogurt. 😂 And, does this qualify as Sea Food? 🤔

christyyy_6. My baby 😍 I can’t wait to hike with my little guy ♥️

My baby 😍 I can’t wait to hike with my little guy ♥️


Fast forward to Dec 2016. #Disneyland for my momz bday. 💚 #TravelingBlackGirlsAreDope


When Mother Nature plays nice you get a Kona sunset


fra haven til salat ... ♡ garden’s phonetically heaven in Dansk


I've seen photos upon photos of a Mykonos restaurant with this famous alley for the past 3 years now and it's been a huge bucket list item for me. A big fat happy ☑️ 😁


Definitely check them out or you’re missing out! 👌🏼❤️💯. - @reneeherbert_ . @elisha__h .

travelgirls.ig. Definitely check her out or you’re missing out! 👌🏼❤️💯.

Definitely check her out or you’re missing out! 👌🏼❤️💯. - @adi_edri9


Follow your dreams. They know the way. 💫 #dominicanrepublic #puntacana


Niagara Falls is a cityin Niagara County, New York, United States. As of the 2010 census, the city had a total population of 50,193, down from the 55,593 recorded in the 2000 census. It is adjacent to the Niagara River, across from the city of Niagara Falls, Ontario, and named after the famed Niagara Falls which they share. The city is within the Buffalo–Niagara Falls Metropolitan Statistical Area and the Western New York region. Despite the decline in heavy industry, Niagara Falls State Park and the downtown area closest to the falls continue to thrive as a result of tourism. The population, however, has continued to decline from a peak of 102,394 in the 1960s due to the loss of manufacturing jobs in the area. (📷: @argenel ) #shotyourtravel


Trains to Life - Trains to Death Part 2

wondergari. my mind is travelling somewhere else

my mind is travelling somewhere else