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@jordhammond - As the sun broke over the Indian Ocean, this entire scene lit up before my tired eyes. Note the fisherman’s boat heading out for a day’s work - that’s one hell of a commute 🚣🏼‍♂️ #earthoutdoors

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There is nothing like enjoying Christmas with a good bottle of wine by @lovejadot 🍷! I know I sound very French, but I can’t help it! Le Village Royal has one of the best Christmas tree of Paris, so I had to take a picture there! And if you’re looking for the best Christmas Instagram spots, check out my new blogpost! The link is in my bio! 🎄💃🏻 ::::: Day 9: “What do you love the most about Christmas?” It’s a tough one! I love everything about Christmas: from the carols to the decorations! But I think what I love the most is to see my loved ones’ happy faces when they open their gifts! It’s harder every year to please them, but it’s a challenge I love, and I’m not too bad at it 😇🎁 ::::: Dress made by @asos & 📷 by @marichankobe _____ #chasinglights #galerievivienne #visitparis #wheninparis #iloveparis #parislove #sheisnotlost #paris #tlpicks #speechlessplaces #travelguide #cntraveller #blondesandcookies #youmustsee #iamtb #thetravelwomen #globelletravels #travelstyle #wanderwoman #wanderlove #travelislife #travelthroughtheworld #travelforlife #seetheworld #travelnow #adventureseeker #travelingpost #travelphotooftheday #francetravel

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From Paris with L❤️VE ! Which city is your favorite in Europe? For me hands down is Paris ❤️

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luxury. Guess the city?
Follow @sir @sir for more
📷 @bachir_photo_phactor

Guess the city? Follow @sir @sir for more - - 📷 @bachir_photo_phactory

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Great to visit Bohol man-made forest where was part of a bigger reforestation project that was created in response to the alarming deforestation in the region.🎋 _______________________________________________________ Bir süredir Filipinler’in yeşil ve mavisiyle bütünleştik! Bulunduğumuz en güzel yeşilliklerden biri de, Bohol’da bulunan bu 2 km uzunluğundaki orman oldu.🎋 Çikolata Tepeleri’ne giderken yol üzerinde gördüğümüz bu orman, “man-made forest” olarak biliniyor. Adından da anlaşılacağı üzere, idari yönetim insiyatifiyle bölgedeki ormansızlaşmaya tepki olarak bir ağaçlandırma projesiyle oluşturulan insan yapımı bir orman. Ormanda yoğun bir şekilde Mahogany denen upuzun ağaçlar yer alıyor. 🌳 Ağaçlardan çoğu zaman gökyüzünü, güneşin parıltısını görmekte güçlük çektik. Ormanın içine girer girmez ani sıcaklık değişimini epey hissettik. Üşümüşüz. Ama yüzlerde hep sıcak bir tebessüm! 🌝 #cheerstonextphilippines

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Whatever floats your boat ⚓️🛥 @nawaimaa_maldives ✣ ✣ ✣ I had so many messages from you guys agreeing with @jamesdcrowe_ that you don’t love the ocean because you can’t control/see what’s beneath you ✣ ✣ ✣ But did you know that there is no history of shark attacks in the Maldives! The blacktip reef sharks are actually harness. Even James fear turned into fascination and love for these little guys! 🦈

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One of the most surreal experiences - watching the Northern lights dance across the sky above the fjords of Norway 🇳🇴

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body in winter, mind in summer

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Rainy Days

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Photo by: @la_photonera ~~~ Double tap if you like and comment your thoughts!

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London got the #Christmas memo early this year - it is looking extra festive in every way 📸 @clairebearlondon

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Who is excited for Christmas?!🎄 Sorry for haven’t posted in so long. There were so many things were happening and sadly this could be my last Christmas in the US until God’s know when I will be back 😀 It’s a mixed feeling because I’m really excited but there is a part that make me sad. California has become a part of my identity and journey that shaped my characters, that’s why I brand my self as From Bali to Cali even if I will end up somewhere else. But I’m reaaaaaally looking forward for my new adventures that I have planned ahead. So many more countries to visit ✈️ Drop me the name of country where I should visit and why 💕 #frombalitocali

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Winter Around The World #011 The beautiful #bruarfosswaterfall in Iceland #lonelyplanet #iceland #zeisscameralenses #bruarfoss

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Flowers and I have a lot in common. We both need at least 6 hours of sunshine a day, a ton of water, and we freeze if it gets too cold ❄️🌸💦 . Bougainvillea are soooo beautiful, aren’t they!!!!! What’s your fave flower?? . #Uluwatu #bali #tlpicks #beautifuldestinations

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Baby, it’s cold outside. ❄️ #WHPnaturallight

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A Winters Midnight

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Beauty sunrise up EEOR a couple of weeks ago with @hobo.holds @bry.peters & @colemenr 👌

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@black_rose_quartz in our super comfy Elemental Hoodie 🍂 Get yours at 30% off with code ‘holiday’ along with any other items! 🔥 Shop today 👉 @penrose_limited

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Photo by: @eliskakottovaphotography ~~~~~ Just BELIEVE

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We have a lot of new ANDEANA content up! Get some wanderlust inspiration and check out what’s new over on the profile: @andeanahats 💫💛

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Back from Hong Kong 🇭🇰 more pics to come, now on to the next destination 🇲🇽

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ussuarez. my favorite seafood fresh catch @ #Indonesia 😍

my favorite seafood fresh catch @ #Indonesia 😍

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