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.....and so were the gorgeous turquoise waters of Malta...

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She never needed saving, just somebody to be there when she finally saved herself.

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One my memorable place in Korea🏯⛩💕 Yung nagpopost ka lang tapos pinagkamalan ka nang model,yung anak ng mga koreana pinapaturuan sakin panu yung pagpost😂juskolord🤦🏽‍♀️🤣 #travelcaptures #makingmemories❤️ #modelmaking #travelphotography #instafashion #instatravel #instagroove #instatravel #feelingkorean

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Introducing the Hawker Hunter from @avi_8 #ad)! . The AV-4052 seemingly brings the instrument panel and cockpit of the Hawker Hunter to the wrist of the wearer with a homage and representation that is still utterly practical and balanced as a timepiece. . • MOVEMENT: Japan Quartz Chronograph with 10 minutes retrograde & Date • DIAL: White Dial With Applied Index • CASE: 45mm Round Stainless Steel Case With Mineral Lens • BAND: Tan Genuine Leather Strap with Strap Buckle . #avi8 #avi8hawkerhunter #hawkerhunter #myavi8

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Some Unforeseen are welcome!!🇺🇸👇 🇧🇷Alguns imprevistos são bem-vindos! Cada vez mais pessoas estao descobrindo os prazeres de viajar e explorar o mundo. Quando viajamos de avião, podem acontecer alguns imprevistos e por isso temos que lidar com isso da melhor forma possivé. Nem sempre as viagens que programamos saen exatamente como o planejado e, as vezes, alguns imprevistos são bem vindos, lógico isso depende de cada situação. E o que ocorre quando perdemos uma conexão entre dois voos, por exemplo, seja por problemas climáticos, por atraso em algun dos voos, por complicações técnicas que eventualmente ocorren. O fato é que perder uma conexão é algo muito comun. No entanto, essas perdas podem não ser um incômodo tão grande se sabermos o que fazer para lidar com a situação. No meu caso, eu e meu marido disfrutamos muito da noite que passamos no Panamá. A companhia aérea remarcou o vôo para o dia seguinte sem custos e nos forneceu uma noite em um hotel 5 estrelas com tudo incluído para que pudessemos descansar adequadamente, utilizando transfers até o local e vice-versa. Foi realmente uma noite fantástica! E você ja teve algum inprevisto bom ou ruim em sua viagem? * 🇺🇲Some unforeseen are welcome! More and more people are discovering the pleasures of traveling and exploring the world. When we travel by plane, some unforeseen events can happen and so we have to deal with it in the best possible way. Not always the trips that we program leave exactly as planned and sometimes unforeseen are welcome, of course, this depends on each situation. And what happens when we lose a connection between two flights, for example, due to weather problems, delay in flights, technical complications that may occur. The fact is that losing a connection is something very common. However, these losses may not be such a nuisance if we know what to do to deal with the situation. In my case, my husband and I really enjoyed the night we spent in Panama. The airline rebooked the flight for the next day free of charge and provided us with an overnight at a 5 star all inclusive hotel so we could rest properly, using transfers to and from the venue. It was a really fantastic evening!

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top_of_a_hill_in_costrica. ’m a firm believer that what shows up in your life experience comes di

’m a firm believer that what shows up in your life experience comes directly from the electromagnetic signature you are always giving off. . Most people don’t have the awareness to realize the vibration they are emitting because it is an unconscious behavior, or program they have created through living and associating their knowns to the reality they experience in this physical world. . When you become aware of how you are thinking, feeling and acting you can begin to cultivate a new self and when there’s a vibrational match between your energy and a future potential that already exists in the quantum field, that future event is going to find you! Your body will be drawn to a new reality. You literally become a magnet to a new destiny which can only manifest as an unknown, new experience! . Imagine that the future reality you want to create is already existing and has a specific energy. When you can match your energy to the energy of this potential and maintain this energy over a period of time, your energy and this future potential begin to come together and influence one another. This is the moment your new reality finds you, and you begin to create a new reality. . You have to start believing that you are not separate from something you want. Whether it’s wealth, success, health or a new relationship, when you begin to become this person before it actually happens reality will begin to shape and mold to this new state of being you are creating. A new personality creates a new personal reality.🙏🏻 . . You are the creator of your own life, simple as that. . Muriel and I found an educational platform that helps us with creating an even stronger foundation and provides us with the tools that allowed us to have created time and financial freedom for me and my family. . If that is something you're interested in then go ahead an click the link in my bio and follow the steps.

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wanderlust.with.jan. Today we are Featuring our favorite post by @ nina
All the feels. 1

Today we are Featuring our favorite post by @ nina - All the feels. 1 week ago today, Drake dropped the music video for his song I’M UPSET (3 days after we’d shot it in our hometown of Toronto which Drake has since famously renamed The 6ix) and I couldn’t figure out if the whole weekend had been a dream. We were all together, for the first time in a very long time. Getting to roam the halls of Degrassi after over a decade was surreal and bittersweet. Couldn’t be more grateful to Aubrey for reuniting us one final time as adults and throwing the party that our teenage selves could only have dreamt of. We’ve come a long way brother... love you. 🇨🇦 -

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Did you say Coconut? Yea, babe! 💛 #sealife #photogram#

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Where you can find Nirvana! #high#

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fashion2night1864. Today We are featuring our favorite post by @ bestplaces_togo

Today We are featuring our favorite post by @ bestplaces_togo - Dorado Beach - Puerto Rico 🌴🌴🌴 Pic by ✨✨ for stunning travel locations!!! ✨✨ -

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mood_mommy. I love May flowers + April showers 🌼💦 this month’s @vellabox perfect

I love May flowers + April showers 🌼💦 this month’s @vellabox perfectly paired the two, with a lovely rain scented @natureskindle soy candle, and marigold seeds #vellabox #natureskindle #candles #homesweethome #farmhouse #decor #healthyliving #lifestyle #success #progress #daybyday #fitnessmotivation #motivation #fitness #fit #fitgirls #hopelve

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Today We are featuring our favorite Post by @ roamaroo - Life is simple - just add water 💦 ••••• El Nido, Palawan is paradise on earth. Its steep limestone rocks jut out from the sea and its turquoise waters are some of the clearest in the world. With over 45 islands, it’s impossible to see them all in one trip, but we sure tried ☺️ We rented a traditional outrigger boat for the day to explore five different beaches & islands in the area (in our opinion - the BEST way to see the area! Thanks for the tip!) 👉🏼If you’re visiting El Nido, Palawan, you HAVE to head out on a boat tour to the beaches, lagoons, and caves. We visited beaches like Hidden Beach and Secret Beach, which clearly aren’t secret any longer 🤫, but they were totally worth the trip. It’s a touristy journey (especially during high season), but some destinations and excursions are touristy for a reason - because the feeling you experience in person - even just for a moment - is far better than reading about it a thousand times. ••••• -

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Today We are featuring our favorite Post by @ doyoutravel - Love being back in Europe for the holidays! 🎄 Travel Service removes all the stress of planning my trips so I can focus on being excited to explore new places, feeling extra Christmassy here in London! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 -

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Nina💙 #travel_captures#

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@worldwide.travel.freaks ——————————————————————— ❤️Like | 📲Share | ⌨️Comment ——————————————————————— Follow 👉🏼 @worldwide.travel.freaks✅ Follow 👉🏼 @worldwide.travel.freaks✅ Follow 👉🏼 @worldwide.travel.freaks✅ ——————————————————————— 📸 via: @travelsfreehere ——————————————————————— 🔔TURN ON POST NOTIFICATIONS 🔔 ——————————————————————— #travelthroughtheworld #travelbucketlist #travelpost #travellingtheworld #travellingram #keeptraveling #travelcaptures #traveladdicted #travelislife #travelpassion #traveltogether #travelnow #travellingourplanet #travelforlife #traveltheglobe #travelshots #travellist #worldexplorer #travelphotooftheday #travelinsta #_soimumbai #amazingplacestovisit #traveldaily #borntotravel #travelphotograpy #placetovisit #traveladdicts #backpackersworld #aroundtheglobe #worldwidetravelfreaks​ Follow @loria.bruskin@yahoo.com

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This is what happens when you landed in a desert island and local people offer you a "fresh lunch"! #travel_captures#

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Sea Exotic Urchin #photogram#

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Spherical flowers that were around my campsite. You know I had to snap a pic 📸. What’s your favorite flower?

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Two of the three Gili Islands have become popular getaways from Bali. But Gili Meno, the smallest and least developed of the three, gets hardly any visitors. So that’s where we went! And what we’ve found so far is an island where there’s not much to do besides walk around on dirt paths, sit by the beach, and hop in the ocean. So, it’s exactly what we were looking for. 🏖

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Cute little Cholla cactus, just don’t get too close...

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Crazy clouds

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“Sing like no one is listening”. I do that all the time and it’s always a fun time. This is a cross between being thoughtful and forgetting that I’m getting my picture taken . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #personalstyle #travelphotography #travelgram #travelblogger #travellingthroughtheworld #model #travelbug #asianmodels #asian #traveladdict #androgynous #androgynousfashion #allblackoutfit #asianmakeup #asiantravel #travelcaptures #wanderlust #lgbt #lgbtq🌈 #tomboy #tomboystyle #tomboymodel #bloggerstyle #ootd #personalstyleblog #streetstyle #ukelele #singing

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When that tax refund hit while on vacation @mojax98 #winntw

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