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How cute is this? 😍 Mama moose and her babies crossing the street 🛣 🦌 Denali National Park and Preserve, Alaska. Video by @lauralynphotography Tag your friends in comments and follow us for more @sharemypleasure

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sealegacy. Photo by @DaisyGilardini // Though king penguins aren’t picky eaters,

Photo by @DaisyGilardini // Though king penguins aren’t picky eaters, they are very specific about what they hunt and catch. They eat small, schooling fish like lantern (myctophids) fish year-round, especially during breeding season. When the weather grows colder they eat more ice fish and cephalopds — molluscs, octopus and squid — to supplement their winter diet. Their natural predators include leopard seals and orcas, which in part explains their unique colouring. Penguins are diurnal — that is, they hunt during the day, when the ocean surface is likely to be brightly lit. Their white bellies appear to blend in with the water’s surface when viewed from below, and their black backs seem to disappear into the ocean depths when viewed from above. Their tuxedo-like formal dress code isn’t just for show, in other words; it’s all about survival. #turningthetide #penguin #wildlifephotography #conservation #climatechange

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awareness_overdue. If insects go, others will follow
People often lightly dismiss any n

If insects go, others will follow • People often lightly dismiss any negative news about the little critters that so many regularly encounter. Whether they’re buzzing past you on your stroll through the park, hovering over your food or scurrying across your picnic blanket, insects aren’t first choice company for many. A new study published in Elsevier's journal Biological Conservation, has found that more than 40% of insect species are on the path to extinction. 2.5% of the global insect biomass is being lost every year meaning insects could be something of the past in less than a century. • According to the study, Insects are the world's top pollinators—75% of 115 top global food crops depend on animal pollination, including cocoa, coffee, almonds and cherries. They are also the base of the food chain meaning potentially catastrophic environmental impacts should they disappear. • To read the study and see what industry and individuals can do to help halt this rapid extinction of insects - visit the link in my bio. • • 📸 by (1) Andi & (2-7) Diego Mendez | @mangndi13 @shanghai46 • • • #animals #insects #nature #worthmorealive #vulnerable #habitat #habitatconservation #pollination #earth #species #pollution #pesticides #habitatloss #agriculture #clinatechange #urbanization #biodiversity #environment #naturehub #racingextinction #turningthetide #360fortheplanet #naturelovers #protect #conservation #awareness #save #everydayextinction #photography #photooftheday

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There are many secrets that lie in the oceans. Secrets that are willing to be shared if you decide to jump in. This mother shares her knowledge of the ocean so the baby can learn where to swim, how to maintain buoyancy, what creatures are safe to interact with and much more. The particles in the water were left over from a huge algae bloom that took place just before. Almost looks like its snowing underwater. 📷 by @nessimstevenson

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cristinamittermeier. We launched #19for2019 to create a dialogue that inspires and empowers

We launched #19for2019 to create a dialogue that inspires and empowers all of us to make this the most successful year for our oceans yet. As we wrap the campaign up, we want to make it easy for you to share these tips with your friends and family; you'll find a link in my bio to do that. The strength of #thetide is in your hands, in your voice, in the choices that you make every day on your #sustainable life journey. Thank you for following along, and for the awareness that you bring to these issues by joining our movement that's #TurningTheTide.

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@hil_flynn trying to keep up with her humpback friends 🐋 📷: @karimiliya

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Folks head on over to @sealegacy as they are about to start their rally against oil exploration in the Lofoten archipelago of Norway and Northern Norway. While swimming with Orcas in November we witnessed these pristine habitats which allow the Orcas and Humpbacks to thrive (unlike Canada & US). It’s essential that we get behind these initiatives to ensure these waters remain untouched from unnecessary and potentially debilitating drilling activities. Photo by @jenninaturally #conservation #orcas #turningthetide #oilfreelofoten #friendsofearthnorway

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Not every interaction has to be up close and in your face, sometimes it’s just as rewarding to be a passive observer eavesdropping on the conversation as the sharks use their body language to communicate. Although their movements may appear random, clearly understood patterns within the social hierarchy and spatial orientation become apparent to the trained eye. Come out with @oneoceandiving to learn more and see it for yourself!

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Pronto viene la temporada de Raya Aguilas en la comuna de Valdivia. Quienes se apuntan? #Repost @queenofmantas (@get_repost) ・・・ Nothing is more gratifying than being able to pursue one’s passion. I am beyond grateful to be a manta researcher. What a privilege to have spent the last 15 years working to safeguard some of their most important populations worldwide. These animals blow my mind. Their curiosity and tolerance is, in my opinion, unparalleled among fish. Pictured here- a giant manta approaches from the blue for a spa bath of bubbles. Close encounters like these are so precious and I cannot wait to get back to San Benedicto in April to see these gentle giants again. #mantamonday #raysneedlovetoo #batoidsrule #seaflapflap #hooray #marinebiology #marineresearch #oceanconservation #womeninSTEM #natgeoexplorer #explorersclub #discoverocean #lovenature #neverstopexploring #bluemind #oceanlife #oceanoptimism #turningthetide #bethechange #womenforoceans #ecuador #montanita #valdivia #gomontanita

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Getting ready of a few coats of @interluxpaint bilgekote. The race is going to be a hard on this little boat so everything under the sole boards is getting painted. We’ll see how it holds up... Time invested: ~230hrs Money invested: ~$540 | | | #woodenboats #woodenboat #classicsailing #woodensailboat #blueplanet #turningthetide #smallbutmighty #protectouroceans #sailingships #brightwork #woodworking #sailfast #oceansblue #blueocean #boatlife #salty #yacht #rowboat #ocean #woodenboatrestoration #adventuremore #sailing #classic #classicboats #woodenboatsarebetter #r2ak #oceanadventure #reuse #makeoldthingsnew #worthsharingworthprotecting

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mariselatorta. #Repost @paulnicklen
• • •
Did you know that there is a 3 percent chan

#Repost @paulnicklen • • • Did you know that there is a 3 percent chance that our home will catch fire at some point in our lives? 3 percent is pretty high so of course it is a good idea to buy home insurance. We also buy insurance on our vehicles and sometimes on our own lives. * Did you know that there is a one hundred percent chance that our planet is warming, threatening our very own existence? Based on science from NASA and other organizations, did you know that there is a greater than 95 percent chance that it is caused by us and our dependence on fossil fuels, the meat industry, over-population and deforestation, just to name a few? All of this leads to global temperature rise, warming oceans, sea level rise, glacial retreat, decreased snow cover, declining Arctic sea ice, extinction, habitat loss, extreme events and ocean acidification which will lead to mass extinction. Our own extinction. * So, why are we not taking insurance out and investing in our own planet? Why do we sit here and continue to debate the issue on whether we should protect our one and only home? Let’s make 2019 the year where we all take collective action towards #turningthetide. What are you doing? #follow our efforts on @sealegacy. Let’s scale this up and really create lasting change. We are past the point of putting band-aids on small problems. We must address these problems at the source.

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As time passes, pollution grows. Our seas are a cluttered with waste, plastic and all kinds of garbage, from small things, to large objects just floating in the depths. This piece of the exposition really caugth my eye, a different perspective of what would be like, living in the sea, under a layer of plastic and trash. It's a simple idea, but it packed a powerful and interesting message. We must fight for our oceans and we must protect our seas. It's our problem, we made it, we must fix it. Let's stop the plastic waste and let's recycle, the damages might seems irreperable, but together we can save the ocean and its inhabitants. #photo #photography #nikon #photooftheday #instagood #nature #expo #art #aesthetics #ocean #sea #pollution #plastic #environment #blue #moody #dramatic #sealegacy #turningthetide #seashepher #natgeo #portugal #maat @natgeo @nikoneurope @natgeoyourshot @sealegacy @seashepherd @seashepherdsscs

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„Hello.... YOU! Out there... do you hear me? Great :) In one month my mummy and me and many like us are leaving our dens on Svalbard. We will see daylight for the first time and I can not wait for it. Mummy tells me story’s about mountains and light, about Ice... can you imagine a world of ice? 🥰But she also said that the ice is melting and she does not know why. We just hope that when we go out to see the sunlight, we will also see ice. Lots of ice! Biiiiig ice bergs ! Blue ice! Ice ice ice. I know it already, i will be the best hunter on Svalbard, this is me in the photo... how I imagine myself. The best hunter, very proud walking up to the ice! :) but mummy said that you, out there, can help us. What are you doing to help us, can you bring the ice back? ....” ”thank you” // Photo by @fredgranath // “feel free to share my story and send me all your answers to the arctic ❤️”

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shawnheinrichs. ‼️🦈 WORTH MORE ALIVE - Shark finning remains problematic around the w

‼️🦈 WORTH MORE ALIVE - Shark finning remains problematic around the world; it’s estimated that millions of these apex predators are killed each year to be used for medicines, and in the making of shark fin soup. But we need sharks to have healthy and abundant oceans. Sharks play a critical role in their ecosystems by maintaining population balance among species below them in the food chain. UN Sustainable Development Goal #14 calls on all of us to do our part to combat the devastating consequences of unsustainable fishing practices like shark finning. In recent years, Florida has become a hot spot for shark finning. I am pleased to see that the state government is now developing legislation to ban the trade of shark fins. You too can help achieve #SDG14, and protect sharks and the future health of our oceans, by signing the petition to support this important work. Let's make the shark fin trade history! LINK IN BIO. ☝️💙🦈 #NoFinFL #StopTheFinTrade #TurningTheTide @sharkallies @sealegacy @bluespherefoundation @wildaid

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sharemypleasure. The way the sand falls on this sand dune in the Sahara

by @cpetrey

The way the sand falls on this sand dune in the Sahara by @cpetrey

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harpseals. Such a beautiful picture of this lil’ Harp Seal 
Pc: @cristinamitterme

Such a beautiful picture of this lil’ Harp Seal Pc: @cristinamittermeier

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Photo by: Jim Abernethy Beautiful yellow seahorse peaks out behind the soft sponge inquisitively! These amazingly beautiful tiny and curious creatures are such a delight to observe as well as spend time with! As a child here in Palm Beach County Florida these unique creatures mesmerized me for hours at the Blue Heron Bridge! Sadly the seahorse population has been decimated worldwide by the Asian drive for so called aphrodisiac animals! Simply put, there are far more dead in bags waiting to be sold then there are in the wild! To me this is devastating! We must end the needless slaughter of our planets beautiful wildlife! The diversity of our wildlife is what keeps our planet alive as we are all connected! Save planet Earth! @jim_abernethy @sealegacy @wildlifevoiceinc #turningthetide #beautiful #saveprotectedanimals #savetheocean #seahorse #palmbeach #epic #respect #uwphotography #blueheronbridge #macro #saveourwildlife #Bethechangetheworldneeds #inspirational #stopneedlessslaughter #6thextinction

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