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poetrybyboots. Glad I found those eyes 🐾🐾🐾

Glad I found those eyes 🐾🐾🐾

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soulfulmba. @Regrann from @liciamorelli - “When the phone was tied to a wire human

@Regrann from @liciamorelli - “When the phone was tied to a wire humans were free” (Artist Unknown) . We looked at each other. We talked, with our mouths, to each other. There was a beginning middle and end to our phone use. . Still we avoided pain, but differently. . I’m thinking about this art today. . What are you thinking about today? . #spilledinkpoetry #poetryofinstagram #poemsoninstagram #worldofpoets #igpoetry #igpoems #instapoet #worldofpoets #farming #poemsoninstagram #newschoolpoetry #writersofinsta #originalpoetry #newpoet #poemsdaily #writersoninstagram #writersofinsta #amwriting #defianthope #writinglife #authorsofinstagram #authorlife #authorslife #maryoliver #readwriteunite #writersden #prophets #spirituality #bookstagram

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24.02.2019 // I’m always one step ahead. 💖✨

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🌿 q o t d : Name a random, weird flavor that you would mischievously put in a box of Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans. The weirder, the better! . . Hello my loves. 🖤 As of last night, Mia Corvere is my new favorite character. Nevernight has been an exciting read, I absolutely love it. I'm about half way done and have nothing negative to say yet. Is all of Jay Kristoff books like this? If it is I have to get his other books as well. . . 🌙 Writing update: I am now at 13,321 words on my first draft of TAC. I am midway through Act 1 and hopefully by the end of next week I can start on Act 2. I have work today again so I won't be writing, just reading. Tomorrow is Sunday though, my designated full on writing day during the week. My goal tomorrow is to try and reach at least 15-16k. If I can get to 17k that would be great. I'm all stocked up on chocolate from the 90% clearance off Valentine's day chocolate I bought so I'm all good to go! 😄 . . Today's tag is the #readinggoals which I was tagged by @rainbowsandbookshelves ☾. . . 📚 Reading goal this year: At least 60 books. Also to read the series that have been on my tbr for awhile (Daughter of Smoke and Bone, Red Rising, Darker Shade of Magic, Vicious, Shatter Me, and more). 📚 Books read so far this year: 6. January was a slow read month for me. 📚 Book goal this month: 6, but I think it's going to be 5. Didn't realize March was already next week 📚 Book on your wishlist: To buy and read? Red Rising. However I do want to get my hands on the collector's edition of Throne of Glass.

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onlywriteofway. Somebody had to say it. No hard feelings, okay? 😇 👉 thewriteofway.ne

Somebody had to say it. No hard feelings, okay? 😇 👉 thewriteofway.net

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writingwithjules. 》2 • 23 • 19 《
Well, hi there!
I usually don’t post pictures of my

》2 • 23 • 19 《 • • Well, hi there! I usually don’t post pictures of myself on here because I’m straight up terrible at taking selfies, but I figured I’m long overdue for a #meetthebookstagrammer post! 👋🏽 • • Here are a few fun facts about me! ⋆My name is Juliet, named for Romeo and Juliet of course, but many of my friends and family call me Jules or Jul. ⋆I graduated from TCU last May, where I studied Fashion Merchandising and Creative Writing. ⋆It’s been my dream to be an author for as long as I can remember and I am about to begin querying a YA contemporary fantasy novel that I started about 6 years ago. ⋆I have a Bernese Mountain Dog named DJ who is my absolute baby even though she’s an old lady now. ⋆One totally obscure fact about me is that I was an athlete for 12 years in Tae Kwon Do. I have a third degree black belt and competed at the regional and state levels until I got injured. • • #QOTD Tell me a random fact about you! I want to get to know y’all better! • • #bookstagram #booklovers #bibliophiles #bookishfeature #bookish #bookdragon #booknerd #booklion #bookaesthetic #pittsburghblogger #pghblogger #readersofinsta #ireadya #writersofinsta #meettheauthor #authorsofinstagram #fantasyauthor

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themusingquill. Blogpost#66
New Book Review: Voice of the Soul by Shreyans Kanswa

#66 . . New Book Review: Voice of the Soul by Shreyans Kanswa . . On the surface, this book is just the voice of his soul, but if you care to dive into the calm and swim through the ripples of his moods, you shall know it is a mine that holds together his eager curiosity under layers of lackadaisical introspection laced with careful observation. Things we have all gone through but never considered them in the same light. . . . Visit www.themusingquill.com for full review . . ✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍ #blogpost #writersofinstagram #poetsofinstagram #micropoetry #writerscommunity #writersofinsta #writing #words #writing #writers #writerslife #poems #poetrycommunity #bookbloggers #bookreviewers #wordpress #bloggers #bloggingcommunity #bookreviews #readerslife📚 #bookblogging #shreyanskanswa #poetry #collection

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authormichellepeach. When a book is \"based on a true story\" what percentage of it is true?

When a book is "based on a true story" what percentage of it is true? #gazelleintheshadows #truestory #writers #scholars #literaryagent #authorsofinstagram #writersofinsta

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michaeltorreswrites. Day 23
If fruit could talk...
i so love th

Day 23 #authorschallenge2019 • If fruit could talk... • • i so love that you fashion me as a metaphor even when I’m rotten, shriveled laying on some crusty, dusty floor • • Or when you compare me to all your loves, to dusk and dawn and to body shapes, long forlorn • • Just remember now and then i come to you in waves for your enjoyment not only as you render your imaginations But for you to see and taste my succulence so you may experience a moment of beatific bliss from this temporal manifestation • • #authorschallenge2019 #amwritingfiction #writerslifeforme #writingcommunityofinstagram #writingcommunity #writingproject #writingabook #writersworld #authorsofinstagram #writingtips #writinglove #writingtime #writinganovel #supportingauthors #authorssupportingauthors #writerslife #authorslife #amwriting #supportwriters #supportwritersandauthors #supportauthors #authorsofig #authorsofinstagram #authorsofinsta #writersofinstagram #writersofig #writersofinsta #writerscommunity #callingallauthors

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wordsbyamyannc. Welcome to Wordsbyamyannc
I’m excited to share my love of writing with

Welcome to Wordsbyamyannc I’m excited to share my love of writing with all of you. #words #writing #wordsmith #writingcommunity #writersofinsta #write #books #writer

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cjgeiselauthor. This is a quote my mom always said to me, especially when I would be h

This is a quote my mom always said to me, especially when I would be hard on myself or get frustrated with my story or the publishing process. Because of that, I now have a completed novel and I am diligently working on the next. So grateful to have my mom as my biggest cheerleader. #bookworm #booklover #bookworms #bibliophile #igbooks #lovetoread #writinginspiration #authorsofinstagram #paranormalromance #mysteryandsuspense #inspirationalquotes #writersofinsta #booklovers #novel #crimefiction #thanksmom #igbookshop #booknerdigans #bookstagram #bookwormlife #booklove #newfiction #quotestoliveby #motivationalquotes #writerslife #writersofinstagram #writerlife #readcrimefiction #readingaddict #quoteoftheday

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The key to relationship success is attention; small moments of positive attention. You see, in life, there are little things that make a big difference. But if you'll look back, it's those little things that eventually became non-existent. It's very common on this planet to take each other for granted. We don't know what we have until its gone. We lose the touch of those who mean so much to us by neglecting the things so small. See, if you wanna give your partner an expensive gift after an expensive candlelight dinner that's absolutely fine. But none of them compares to giving your consistent undivided time and attention. Because lasting love is all about the small stuff. It's like, sending random texts telling them "I miss you" to let them know how much you mean to them and you're in their mind and heart. When they call you out of sudden, does your voice light up because of their voice or you show that you've better things to do?? Love is all about choosing blame over praise and holding hands when things are not good. It's about saying, "I'm afraid too, but it's gonna be okay. I'm gonna be here with you." It's all about simple things like remembering no matter how hard it gets or how much you argue, you're on the same team. It's about cuddles on the couch and little kiss right on the forehead. It's about tight hugs from behind. It's about choosing to be kind instead of right all the time. It's more about showing small gestures that they truly treasured. It's about getting a glass of water for them when you're getting for yourself. If your partner has any insecurities or fear related to you and you're not doing anything about it, then what kind of partner are you?? If you have a malnourished partner of love and appreciation then feed them with small acts of love and attention. And now, is just the right time to start because small moments of our lives take the biggest part of our lives. ~Ann

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myriashonte. “Self-Awareness: The recognition of your responsibility to create your

“Self-Awareness: The recognition of your responsibility to create your own reality.” 🌸- Caroline Nderitu Also remembering in creating that reality it is a journey. I couldn’t stress to you enough all of the crazy things I’ve been through from homelessness, to having a parent on drugs, one in prison, not getting to be a child, horrible insecurities,bad relationships with violence, being a teen mom, attempting suicide and more. I had let my environment get the best of me and alter the truest version of myself. I was so screwed up by the pain and negativity that I truly began to believe that bad was all I deserved because pain was all I knew. However, through finding faith in Christ, making the effort to seek outside my environment; I began to see that I was worth so much more. Truth is we all have pain. We have all been broken, lost, hurt and more. But our pain doesn’t mean it is the basis of our future. Our purpose is greater than our pain. Even though at times I have those subconscious negative thoughts come up, I am now aware that they were only apart of me at a certain time and that I know longer have to cling to them as a belief of who I am. They don’t make me.... me What makes you is what you choose to be. If your reality isn’t the way you desire it to be, begin to seek the changes that will make it what you want. Remember to give yourself grace, because healing scars that are deep within is not always easy. Being able to be 100% real with yourself including about your bad habits or negative thoughts, isn’t easy. But just because it isn’t easy doesn’t make it impossible. Step out on faith and know that you have the power to create whatever reality you can imagine. Just take it a step at a time. I believe in you, my beautiful people 🌸🦄 💕 🙏🏽 🙌🏽 😘 # #selfaware #selfawareness #selfawarenessjourney #selflove #loveyourself #selflovetips #writersofinsta #writersofinstagram #poetsofinstagram #poet #heal #aware #faith #spirit #photography #freedom #peace #purpose #authentic #empowering

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Don't beg r cry in front of anyone trust me no one cares apko kya lgta ha k apk rone se aus insan ko frq prta hoga nai agr frq prta hta to wh jata he nai apko chor k chahe lakh majburiyan qn na ajynn sth nibhane wale sth nibhte hain akhri saans tk r jo beech raste chor k chle jate hain aunkoo haq he nai k wh muhabt kren Lkn i guess ab lg muhabt nai krtee . . Wh r lg the jo k apni muhabt k agee sb ko peeche chor daite the I am not pointing out anyone na he yh keh rai k sb ek jaise hte hain but mne dkha ha lgn ko muhabt k peeche rote hue aus muhabt k peeche jo k ek trfaa thi Baat ha sachi lkn baat ha kervi . . . _aasyed_💔💔 . . . #writersofinstagram #writerscommunity #writersblock #writersofinsta #bloggersofinstagram #bloggers #bloggerspain #bloggerlife #photoshoot #photography #photoshop #photo #picsart #pictureedit #artist #lands

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bethelstudiosllc. Throwback to a day I pumped out CHAPTER 5 of my debut novel! I’ve been

Throwback to a day I pumped out CHAPTER 5 of my debut novel! I’ve been quiet, but I do have a few posts stockpiled. I’m eager for the day when I’ll be posting art again. #BethelStudios2019 #throwbacksaturday #throwback #amwriting #writingcommunity #writersofinsta #artist #glitter #pockysticks #bigthings #expectgreatness #artistsoninstagram

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im shawty

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holly.lavender.official. Ist ne Weile her. Heute in drei Monaten wird sie Sieben. Unfuckingfass

Ist ne Weile her. Heute in drei Monaten wird sie Sieben. Unfuckingfassbar

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fade into you, strange you never knew

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