Back in the game 📝💥✨ Nach einer sehr langen und wichtigen Phase der Innenkehr, der Reise und der Selbstfindung geht es jetzt richtig los! Mir war schon früh klar, dass das klassische Konzept 'Arbeitnehmer' nicht so ganz in mein Weltbild passt. Festangestellt sein ist zwar unkompliziert, man muss sich nicht um Papierkram kümmern, hat ein stabiles Gehalt und geregelte Arbeitszeiten, aber so richtig frei ist man nie. Aus Angst ich wäre zu unstrukturiert und chaotisch, zu faul oder zu dumm, um diesen bürokratischen Anforderungen gerecht zu werden habe ich die Entscheidung jetzt sehr sehr sehr sehr lange hinausgezögert. Doch es war unumgänglich. Als ich Anfang diesen Jahres nach Mexiko gereist bin hatte ich nur einen Hinflug, ein bisschen gespartes Geld, die Vision ein Buch zu schreiben und als digitaler Nomade durchzustarten. Letztendlich kam alles anders. Stattdessen habe ich mich nämlich um ganz andere Dinge gekümmert, habe mich treiben lassen und die Frage was ich denn nun beruflich machen will eher zweitrangig betrachtet. Im Nachhinein war das genau richtig und wichtig für mich, um den Fokus wieder zu gewinnen. Denn Abstand erzeugt Klarheit. Wie viele von uns sind getrieben von dem Glauben Karriere und Geld machen zu müssen um glücklich zu sein? Hand aufs Herz, sind wir nicht alle so erzogen worden? Ist es aber wirklich der Sinn des Lebens sich in einem bröckelnden System abzuschuften? Also mein Sinn ist es nicht. Deswegen versuche ich nun mein Glück in eigener Sache. Zum Beispiel als Mitglied des zauberhaften @elbblickmagazin werde ich mich journalistischer Arbeit widmen, Pressetermine wahrnehmen, spannende Leute treffen und Interviews führen. Natürlich kümmere mich zusätzlich um meine eigene Webseite und gerne auch um die anderer Leute. Bei Text-Bedarf und visueller Strategie Beratung im Social Media Kontext dürft ihr gerne auf mich zukommen. Ich bin sehr gespannt wohin die Reise dieses Mal geht... Team Existenzgründung, yeah! 🔮🙌🏻 __________________________________________________ [ Mehr zum Thema WORK-LIFE-CHALLENGE auf www.sonderversum.com ✨ #linkinbio ]

sue_annchan. Cliche but sometimes tough times help us grow a lil~ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀

Cliche but sometimes tough times help us grow a lil~ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Even the ground drinks cups of rain so that flowers bloom across her back. ⚘⚘


• my spirit is still there • 🍃 taking my time to discover new places in Colombia... this weekend was beyond special, calm and fun in a secluded area in Palomino • and this is how this place looks like YEAR ROUND! • next up: Uruguay! - - - #girlsabroad #iamtb #writersofinsta #matadornetwork #colombia #colombianotcolumbia #idcolombia #southamerica #sheisnotlost #shetravels #visitsouthamerica #latinamerica #caribbeanbeaches #culturetrip #lpfanphoto #passionpassport #travelgrams #photooftheday

ruthbleakley. I chose orange thread! 🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🐻 🤔love journals? Visit my shop: ht

I chose orange thread! 🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🐻 🤔love journals? Visit my shop: http://ruthbleakley.etsy.com

psychicmediumray. Here’s to a Terrific Tuesday ☄️💥

Here’s to a Terrific Tuesday ☄️💥

chireegraham. a few weeks ago, i came across a post from someone who used to be a hu

a few weeks ago, i came across a post from someone who used to be a huge part of my life, which absolutely would’ve broken me a couple years ago. my reaction (or lack thereof) really put into perspective how far i’ve come in this healing + growing process. • • i always imagined how i’d react if/when i ran across it.. would my heart ache again? would i be filled with sadness? anger? would all my work towards self-love be for naught? • • what i actually felt, immediately, was a sense of forgiveness. towards myself. forgiving myself for not trusting or believing that this was something i could ever get past anytime soon. forgiving myself for ever doubting that i was strong enough to endure. forgiving myself for ever doubting that i could heal. forgiving myself for ever doubting the Universe’s direction of my life. • • + the message is this: i’m not special. forgiveness is for you, too. the work, the healing.. it is yours for the taking, too. reach out. • • sidenote, i’m looking for videographers in the San Diego County/LA area for some of my upcoming projects. if you know of any please let me know 💕.



liciamorelli. Last night was the first quarter moon, and that means it’s half illumi

Last night was the first quarter moon, and that means it’s half illuminated in the sky. ▫️ This moon is bringing us towards the halfway point to the next full moon on the 24th, the Hunter's Moon. ▫️ As you notice your energy today and over the next week, you'll notice that your intuition will be strong and expansive. ▫️ It's important to notice the little nudges you'll be getting throughout the week. The nudges are energies pointing you in new directions - some you might meet with wonder and excitement. ▫️ Some you might encounter with confusion "wait. what?" types of response. ▫️ Either way, take note of what you notice this week and how the information builds on itself. ▫️ Allow yourself to believe the unbelievable - it's in this unbelievability that your true purpose and divine self can shine through. ▫️ Read: it's how you're led to the very thing you thought you couldn't do but in reality it's exactly who you are. ▫️ Trust in these messages as they're guiding you into new adventures and new foundations of being in the world and it all starts with today's 1st quarter moon. ▫️ . . Photo @cosmiccollage ▫️ #poemsporn #psychicreading #psychicreader #psychicpowers #psychics #astrologyposts #astrologysigns #astrologymemes #crystalstones #crystalsnow #crystalshop #astrological #intuitive #poetryporn #writersoninstagram #writersofinsta #amwriting #defianthope #writinglife #authorsofinstagram #authorlife #authorslife #ilovewriting #readwriteunite #writersden #prophets #spirituality #intuitiveart #amwriting #poeticjustice

mypoeticheart. Submission 11
Theme: Navarathri - unfortunately, I didn’t create t

Submission 11 . . Theme: Navarathri - unfortunately, I didn’t create this in time yesterday but I am happy to share it today, on the last day of Navarathri. Sorry the rest of this ended up being longer than I had planned(see below). Essentially I just wanted to say you are divine as you are and your superpower is just being you. ⭐️💕 . . For those of you who don’t know, Navarathri is the celebration of 9 goddesses, all avatars of the eternal mother. It celebrates the power of self-realization over ego. The story below is as I was told it and I am sure there are may other versions. . . It is said that there once was a demon who was so powerful, that the Gods could not defeat him. They came to Shiva and asked him to defeat the demon. Shiva replied “I cannot but Druga can.” The Gods could not believe it, for Druga was the embodiment of the mother. She was gentle and sweet, she was Amman. Shiva asked her, and in the form of Kali defeated the demon. She returned light and self knowledge To the world. (I never fear Kali because of this story and I will tell you more about her later). . . . These nine days we celebrated these goddesses who bless us with power (Druga); Wealth (Lakshmi); and Education (Saraswati), I wanted to remind everyone that we carry them in us always. So whatever fears we have, always remember that they dwell in us. And if you were blessed enough to share your gifts (writing, art, music), don’t doubt the joy you bring to others by just sharing it :) . . . 📸: unknown . . . #scotialovesbooks #140characters #140characterchallenge #140characterstory #navaratri #navaratri #tamil #writersofinsta #writersofinstagram


Angel de la Luna and the 5th Glorious Mystery on her mother emigrating from the Philippines to the U.S. #FAHM2018

danikaye_golding. White scandal bag

White scandal bag

audreydenholmbooks. Sometimes, you find members of your tribe on social media (or YouTube!

Sometimes, you find members of your tribe on social media (or YouTube!) 🎬 #celebrateyourtribe the mentor version 🌹 So thank you to @authorkristenmartin for introducing me over a year ago to the concept of a #girlboss and leading the way 👊 Thank you to @thisiskaila for being the whole inspirational package and thinking outside the box 💜 Thank you to @jackie_ashenden for improving my #writingcraft and for sharing her wealth of knowledge 😘 DM me if you're looking for your tribe 🌹 #writingtribe #writingcommumity #inspiredbyawesome #inspirational #girlbossesunite #pursuepassion #pursuepurpose #passion #passionatelife #bestlife #cultivateyourdreams #followyourpassion #writerslife #amwritingallthelove #steamyromance #writingsexpert #amwritingromance #writersofinstagram #writerslifeforme #writeallthewords #writersofinsta #writersofig #instawriters #authortube #romancewriter #authorsofinsta #writinglove

athenaayten. midnight.


impracticalmagician. Ahh, “responsibility” or “to be responsible” few words carry such terr

Ahh, “responsibility” or “to be responsible” few words carry such terrible weight and mighty heft as this one does. Yet, it is at the same time treated as such a fluid thing, fingers pointing one way and eyes turning another. How many out there, even among those choosing to read, willingly accepts responsibility for their actions? In connection to the issue of “choice” as I so briefly explored recently, is the issue of responsibility for one’s actions. Across the world today, it has become a thing thrown easily at others to generate guilt, place blame, even to seek recompense through personal or legal means. Many today seem all too happy to blame others for a situation they find themselves involved in. Yet, humanity is the only species (that we know of) which faces this issue. If a person bumps into an object, they are unable to blame the object, though they may seek out angrily who placed the object there if possible. If a person bumps into a person however, then one or both involved may quickly blame the other. Obviously, many today are outwardly civil, I speak primarily of those unwilling to “play along”, and all the rest who restrain their own inner thoughts with the skill of practiced lips and trained smiles. The urge to place responsibility outside one’s self seems in a way, to be a coping mechanism. This is so that an undesirable situation or outcome is less painful to bear. “You did this to me” versus “I cant believe my choices led me here” is an easy example. In reality, we all must accept the consequences of our own actions. Yet we cannot place blame for things we personally choose to do, on others. If I choose to wear a coat to stay warm, should I blame the weather? If a person chooses to take an action while saying “look what I did because of you” is that reasonable or sensible? In order to break the cycle we are a part of, we all must look inwardly for what is responsible, not outwardly. #philosophy #deepthoughts #writer #writing #humanity #awareness #selfgrowth #personalgrowth #happiness #reflections #responsibility #essay #understanding #igreads #instaread #instareads #writersofig #writersofinsta #poem #poetry #poets #igpoems #poemsofig

nataliajaster. Loving these cozy autumn mornings & browsing Pinterest for inspiration

Loving these cozy autumn mornings & browsing Pinterest for inspiration 🍁🍂🌾 . . #authorsofinstagram #writersofinsta #writersofinstagram #igwriters #writersofig #autumn #autumn🍁


don’t let your past control your mindset and therefore your future outcomes. work on your visualization, start doing what you would like to be doing and make that a habit. even if it doesn’t seem natural at the moment, keep repeating it and doing it until you believe in who you’ve become. don’t doubt yourself. you are deserving of everything good that comes your way. you belong where you’ve fought to be. - Alexia Anne

thebritishaussie. C.M.Gordon

C.M.Gordon @thebritishaussie

junospoems. “Solace in Solitude”

“Solace in Solitude” • • • • • • #literature

drunk.on.writing. // this is my first attempt at spoken word and the first time i’ve bee

// this is my first attempt at spoken word and the first time i’ve been brave enough to even do it! i’m still feeling super self conscious and trying to talk myself out of deleting this. but hopefully it wasn’t too awful haha ••• this poem was inspired by the myth of The Hanahaki Disease 🥀 swipe to read it + the last few lines that didn’t make it into the video because of instagram video time limits lol (read/like/reblog this on my blog! drunk-on-writing.tumblr.com 🌹) .
 #spokenword #spokenwordpoetry #slampoetry #slampoet #poetry #poetryisnotdead #poetsofinsta #poetofig #writersofinsta #writersofinstagram #poetrycommunity #poetrygram #quotesandsayings #poemoftheday #poetsofinstagram #poetsoninstagram #postoftheday

k.j_hirst_. Do you guys go to any cafe to write or do homework?

Do you guys go to any cafe to write or do homework?

peytonscottpoetry. Have you heard of love languages? We each have our own, even multiples

Have you heard of love languages? We each have our own, even multiples. I just think our languages were foreign to each other, ♡