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Instagram influencer @fiftyyearsofawoman Caroline Ida in Paris, November, 2019. I photographed her for my project #theoldworld and made several lifestyle photos for her. More photos coming soon!! . Photo: @theatre_of_reallife Model: @fiftyyearsofawoman Location: Paris, 🇫🇷

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Now it is official! I am opening the season of Christmas photo shoots! 🎄 my favorite season of the year has started! Because Nuremberg is Christmas city! ❄️ . #werbungwegenverlinkung . Photo: @theatre_of_reallife Location: #nurembergchristmasmarket

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#anzeige #werbungunbezahlt Mother and daughter 💙 Even if I photograph a big family I always find a calm moment when they concentrate on each other. And this connection is very important to me. Can you believe that in the same room there were 3 sons, a husband and 12 other photographers?... . Workshop by @persenen organized by @workshops_in_koln . . #werbungwegenverlinkung #thesincestoryteller #workshopphotography #искренностьсновавмоде

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Christmas markets are open! 🎄 It is time to get into Christmas mood... do you know any good Christmas mood movies I have to see? 🎥 Tell me!

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One of my favorite portraits... . Photo: @theatre_of_reallife Model: Regina Location: #permrussia

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Nuremberg has a lovely old town, a lot of stunning little streets. Worth to walk and take photos, like we did with Rita and her daughter. . Photo: @theatre_of_reallife Model: Rita Location: Nuremberg

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#werbungwegenverlinkung Enjoy your Saturday night... which plans do you have for tomorrow? I will go to a museum... 🎨 . Photo: @theatre_of_reallife Model: @mar.nica Location: #nuernberg_de

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Just in couple of days Christmas markets in Germany will be open! Weihnachtszeit beginnt! 🌲 are you looking forward to it? ⛄️ . Photo: @theatre_of_reallife Model: @tatamuc Location: #christkindlmarkt

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It was a long and intensive weekend in Berlin 🤩 discussed our upcoming exhibition in Berlin Kreuzberg, follow our new account @truestories_oks and stay up to date! My project #theoldworld will be on display in February! . Photo: @theatre_of_reallife Location: #nurembergcastle

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#Werbung #anzeige About one month ago I’ve been asked by e-mail if I am the photographer who works at Christmas markets. I was a bit surprised at the beginning, but then I thought - yes, actually I am! . Since 2015 I’ve been working seasonally at Christmas markets in Germany as a photographer and I can tell that the small one in the heart of Erlangen - the “Waldweihnacht” - is the best one for a calm family photo shoot with kids or a love story. . It is beautiful, cozy and romantic and not too crowded… It is decorated with real trees, there is a merry-go-round, it is beautifully illuminated and I know there a lot of cozy spots which are suitable for Christmas pictures. . I send the pictures as a link for download in a couple of days after the photo shoot and you can use them for your family Christmas cards. A lot of my clients did that last year. . Now you can book a spot for your photo shoot at the Christmas market, I work also at the weekends (the whole period when the Christmas market is open, 25.11-24.12). Contact me if you want to get atmospheric Xmas pictures of your beloved ones, there is only few spots available. . Write me private message in Instagram or by e-mail Natalya.reznik(at) gmail.com

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Paris at night... . Photo and MUA: @theatre_of_reallife Model: Stefanie Location: Paris #noretouch #nophotoshop #nophotoshopneeded

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These in Paris are intense! Today we shoot with an amazing @fiftyyearsofawoman with whom we have been in contact and discussed our photo shoot for a year!! And it was a great-a new portrait for the project #theoldworld is ✅ done! . Photo: @theatre_of_reallife From the project #diealtewelt

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HOPE I think, it was the most difficult photo book I've ever worked on. Several years, a lot of ideas, many people involved, different opinions and material which I photographed during many years... Sometimes I wanted to give up. But I still had Hope... Now I am proud to announce that the collector's edition of my photo book "HOPE" is ready!!! HOPE (2019) Collector’s edition | self-published | Shortlist of Moscow Photobookfest 2018 Only 15 numbered and signed handmade copies 124 pages, 150×215 mm (5,9×8,5 inches) Open binding, Embroidered cover, 10 pages stitched by hand. Language: English. Design of the book: Julia Borissova Typesetting, printing and bookbinding: Nico Baumgarten . "My grandmother’s name, Nadezhda, means “hope” in Russian. She has been always interested in fashion. She used to sew clothes for herself and her children in Soviet times, when there were shortages in the stores. Now she is 94, blind and has almost lost her memory due to Alzheimer disease, but still keeps hoping to be able to sew again. I literally stitched the pieces of memory for her together in the photo book “Hope”. Natalya Reznik More details and order with a special price till 11.11.19 in active link in profile. Only a few copies left!

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One of my favorite shoots... they look so easy, undone and very stylish... like in France. Guess where I am heading off to? . Photo: @theatre_of_reallife Models: Rita and daughter Location: #nuremberg

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Happy Halloween 🎃 . Photo: @theatre_of_reallife Location: Erlangen

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Did you already get into the Christmas spirit? 🎄 there are already Christmas cookies and cards in the shops around... 💝 . Photo: @theatre_of_reallife Location: #englischergartenmunich

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theatre_of_reallife. I prefer beauty which shows effortlessness and simplicity, which is fe

I prefer beauty which shows effortlessness and simplicity, which is feminine and natural, sometimes vulnerable, but always sincere and candid 🌿 And I don’t like standards. Do You?

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Dear friends from St-Petersburg! I invite you to the opening of the exhibition "Collectivity" (25.10, 7 p.m., Sevcable Port) during the international photo festival "PRESENCE". My new project "The Old World" will be on display for the first time. Unfortunately, I am not able to make it to the opening, but I am sure it will be great - like many other photographic events organised by FotoDepartament / ФотоДепартамент! Come and see if you are around! Друзья из Петербурга! Приглашаю 25 октября в 19 00 на открытие масштабной коллективной выставки "Коллективность. Ось мира" в Севкабель Порт, на ней будет представлен мой новый проект "Старый мир". К сожалению, я не смогу лично присутствовать на открытии, но мероприятие будет крутое - как и все, что делает FotoDepartament / ФотоДепартамент! Присоединяйтесь! #presencefestival2019

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A strong woman builds her own world and rules. PhD Student in Chemistry and stylish girl - why not? I was glad to work with Violetta and to create for her natural makeup and street style-inspired photo shoot ❣️ . Photo and makeup: @theatre_of_reallife Model: Violetta Location: #nuremberg

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I believe in me. 🖤 . Photographer: @theatre_of_reallife Model: @mar.nica Location: #nuremberg

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#Werbung #anzeige Enjoying the last warm days... If you want to book your autumn photo shoot, hurry up, these sunny ☀️days will be gone soon 🔜🌧 . Photo and Makeup: @theatre_of_reallife Model: Violetta Location: Nuremberg #nurembergcastle

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Rainy day 🌧 . Photo: @theatre_of_reallife Models: Sharin and Daniel Location: Erlangen

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„I found I was more confident when I stopped trying to be someone else‘s definition of beautiful and started being my own“. R. Miller. 🖤 . Photo: @theatre_of_reallife Model: @mar.nica Location: #nuremberg

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🖤🖤🖤 enjoying the last warm days! ☀️ . Photo: @theatre_of_reallife Model: @refvsxd Location: Nuremberg

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