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Jaxon got on my case about not ever posting pictures of myself so here’s me cheesin’ hardcore 📷: @jaxonnovak

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Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone 🥰❤️ spread lots of love today even if it’s just calling or texting someone you haven’t talked to in awhile or paying for the person behind you in a drive thru. Tell the people in your life how much you love + appreciate them. Don’t forget to give your pets a whole lot of love too. They’ll appreciate it.

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He lives a hard life I’m also gonna casually promote my photography account: @shootlia because a lot of fun stuff is happening! And you’re gonna wanna see it! I’m currently working on a gallery that should be up soon and I have more sessions planned in the near future. ☺️ (+ if you’re interested in doing a session with me shoot me a dm! I wanna do all different kinds of shoots this year)

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Two of the coolest women 🥰 (whom I love dearly) @fightlike.a.girl @emberthewolfdog

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thesinnersoldier. Must play with donut. It is required.

Must play with donut. It is required.

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The best adventure partner in the game 📷: @averiekaye

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The best way to spend a morning in my opinion 🐾👣🌲

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Leila: does the derpy thing Me, tearing up: oh my god I love y-

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What would you dooOoOOoOo for a @ruff_bar 📷: @averiekaye

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I had the pleasure of helping out at Corridor Rescue on Saturday and took pictures of some angels. More photos over at @shootlia 🐕✨

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thesinnersoldier. The ears have a mind of their own

The ears have a mind of their own

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Where she thrives.

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Boxes > presents

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I think about this day a lot 🌹

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Hey Google, is this how you make friends

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He loves her but I love her more

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White paws club

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