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HAPPY 420!! 😁😜💚💨💨🙌 Lmaoo ok if you could choose a ‘Stoner Superpower’ what would it be?? 🤔👇👇 I’d want the ability to snap my fingers and the blunt would roll itself or pack a bowl with my eyes 👀😂😭 (p.s. props to who ever made this meme🤣👌)

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On my way to make sure ya’ll got enough for this weekend 😂😤😤 Who should I stop by?? #420weekend #420day

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Pink Joints for my last day w pink hair ☺️💖 Check my story for hair transformation 😍🙌

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“What are you into?” is such a broad question like do I reply with tv series or choking?? 🙃🖤

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4/20 coming up?? Vegas?? Vancouver?? 😜 ya girl’s gona have a littt weekend haha 🌬 What are your plans??!! Staying in or going out? 🤔🤗 I’ll be w @stiiizy on 4/19 in Vegas for their launch party && 4/20 I’ll be in Vancouver, kickin it in the crowd & stage 🙌

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Soo Pornhub can give you $38k for a homemade video... if y’all see me on there mind your own business 😎🤣 #mondaymotivation

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If you know me, you know I’m a lil obsessed w Gold accessories 🤩✨ Tag a Friend who needs this 🤪👇 (p.s. I’m shadowbanned so pls comment, even just an emoji to help 🤗)

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Oh we going out out?? 👀👠

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420 Giveaway!! 😋 What’s 420 without the munchies? I’ve partnered with @tendergreens to give 1 lucky follower and their friends the ultimate munchie meal! 😵🙌 Choose from fried chicken sandwiches🍗 mashed potatoes 🥔 steak, cookies 🍪 or salads 🥗- if you’re feelin’ healthy. Free food for your 420 festivities!🥳 . 🔥RULES:🔥 1. Follow @TenderGreens & me (@Trippy.Treesz) 2. Comment #TenderMunchies 3. Tag your friends for extra chances to win 🎰 (1 friend = 1 entry; more friends = more chances to win) Contest ends April 18th 5pm so go go go!👇👇👇 #TenderMunchies #sponsored

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🌴 Missed your chance at grabbing Coachella tickets? @MuncheezApp & @RoveBrand are giving away two general admission passes to Coachella Weekend 2! 😱🙌 How to enter: . 1. Follow @MuncheezApp and @Rovebrand 2. Tag your friends in this post! 3. Go to @MuncheezApp and Tag your festival partner on their Giveaway post (the more you tag, the greater the chance of winning) Entries are limited to the continental US, must be 21+, transportation not provided. Giveaway is not affiliated with Instagram. 4. Submit your info to the link in @MuncheezApp’s the bio! . . . Passes are GA, for weekend two and include shuttle passes. Good Luck! #muncheez #rovebrand #giveaway

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VHS & Chill?? 📼😎 If you don’t remember going to Block Busters to find a movie instead of scrolling through ‘em then you’re too young to be following me 🤣😅 #netflixandchill #blockbuster

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Lolll damn ‘Waterfall’ or ‘Gravity’ bongs have come a longgg way 🤯😂 Have you ever tried to make one?? 😅 Tag a friend you’d wana try this with 😜👌

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