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One if many fun things with running a gallery is to have vernissage! Last night’s book release & show with @susannewalstrom and also work by @levonbiss and a few by @zemotion was pure joy! Thanks everyone for showing up and giving the works all these great kind comments👏🏻. It will hang there until March 2019! Welcome in! Big hugs from us!

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EN PÅMINNELSE TILL VÅRT VINTER VERNISSAGE 8 december kl 15.00. Alla är välkomna. Printarna ur boken ”Black Lava Fairy Tale” har kommit. Enastående vackra liksom boken. Missa inte tillfället att se islandshäst och natur i en unik vild symbios och träffa @susannewalstrom - skaparen själv! #iceland #islandshästar #vulkan #vernissage #visithjo @visithjo #uponwallshjo #poetisk #ridskola #islandshäst

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ANOTHER NEW COLLECTION IS UP ”TIME AND TIME AGAIN” by @deadlineart collective. This is a tale where many different Budapest faces tell their stories. This is fitting, since Budapest is a town that loves stories and where history is present at every street corner and every apartment. And where the past loops into the future and where the present is always a precarious state. See they lovely humor the create with their art :-) We 😍 it! Link in bio. #budapest #budapesthungary #brothers #deadline #blackandwhitephoto #photoart #unique #humor

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uponwalls. BODY OF WATER - NEW COLLECTION BY @zenaholloway

Photographed in the o

BODY OF WATER - NEW COLLECTION BY @zenaholloway Photographed in the ocean around the island of Bimini, close to the mystical fountain of youth: a fabled wellspring thought to give everlasting life to whoever bathed in or drank from it. Link in bio👋 #ocean #underthesea #hiddenbeauty #solitude #bimini #underwaterphotography #photoart

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VÄLKOMMEN PÅ VINTERVERNISSAGE Lördagen 8 december. Kl 15.00 Under senare år har Susanne Walström återvänt till Island många gånger för att dokumentera den poetiska interaktionen mellan hästar och natur. I "Black Lava Fairy Tale" upphör tiden och sagan börjar. En saga där alla människor har stigit av hästryggen och hästarna lever på egen hand. Arktiska vindar, lava som brinner under hovarna och nya okända faror - är gudarna fortfarande deras beskyddare? Susanne är på plats och  berättar om arbetet kring projektet och signerar sin nya bok. Välkomna till en skön eftermiddag i galleriet.

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Angels really do exist. We have a few guarding our gallery and keeping it safe. This angel is made by one of our great artists @zenaholloway

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⌜ Checkmate ⌟ by @jonasanhede - UOW are about to start collaborating with a few of what we call ”carefully selected instagram photographers”. Carefully curated collections produced in small prints, 24X24cm (75 Euro). Signed in open editions. We gonna make these pictures come alive on paper. First out is Jonas. A local friend that took his photography to a new level when his work found friends - a lot of them - on instagram. His work is rare, well composed and have thoughtful names so we want these pictures become something more than a picture on social media. This first collection ”Small Thoughts” will be in store soon. #uponwallshjo #iceland #travelphotography #leica #olympus #smallart #cliffs #ocean #darkwater

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⌜ Closing time No 1 & 7 ⌟ by @annicathomsson . This fragile collection from Norway reminds us that we are soon in this winter landscape and collects energy for the next bright season in a few months. ”The fog is embracing me. Erecting walls around me.The sun burns through and the magic is broken.” A Thomsson. #norway #poetrycommunity #uponwallshjo

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VERNISSAGE COMMING UP. The Icelandic horse played a major role in Norse mythology. Among other things they helped the gods conquer nature. In return, the very strong carriers were endowed with supernatural powers. In December we gona hold a vernissage with this beautiful art collection by @susannewalstrom Have signed books in store an so on. Send us a message here on insta with e-post if you want to come up on our news list to be informed about everything we do actually! or if you have any questions. We will respond. Happy Sunday everyone. #BlackLavaFairyTale #photobook #uponwallshjo #uponwalls #Fineartprint #hjo @visithjo #icelandichorse #iceland #horse #volcano

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This evening we ended our 3 day lecture tour with @benjaminrgrant and @dailyoverview and officially open our overview exhibition that will be up until april. Located just by the water in Granvik. Free to visit.

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⌜ Celosia ⌟ by @zemotion. Since Jingnas first trip to Japan in 2008 she has steadily been influenced by its culture and environment and have taken to using flowers frequently in her work at that time—especially in personal pieces—and attempted to use different varieties and methods of incorporating them into the images. . . . #overview #visithjo #uponwallshjo #flowers #photart #portrait #zemotion @zemotion #nude #nudephotography #artphotography #porträtt #japan

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WHEN A TED TALK LECTURER SHOWS THE WORLD FROM ABOVE IT´S NOT ALWAYS A NICE STORY EVEN IF THE PICTURE IS BEAUTIFUL . . . TUESDAY  2 OCTOBER 6.30pm - 7.30pm / AT "PARK" IN HJO . . ⌜ Baltic Blossom ⌟ by @dailyoverview - A massive bloom of cyanobacteria in the Baltic Sea can be seen here. In August 2015, a bloom spanning more than 100 square kilometers covered these waters. Cyanobacteria are a type of marine bacteria that capture and store solar energy through photosynthesis. While some are toxic to humans and animals, large blooms can cause an oxygen-depleted dead zone where other organisms cannot survive. . . . . #overview #visithjo @visithjo #uponwallshjo #lecture #vattern #vättern #balticsea #blossom #oxygen #Cyanobacteria

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MISSA INTE FÖRELÄSNINGEN ”OVERVIEW” med Benjamin Grant från New York. PLATS: PARK I KULTURHUSET HJO. 2:a oktober kl 18:30. Med hisnande bilder på vår planet tagna från yttre rymden berättar Benjamin om denna och många fler fenomen som sker på vår planet. Bokas online på uponwalls.com / Föreläsning: 165kr Inkl mat, dryck och kaffe: 395kr. . . ⌜ Attawapiskat River ⌟ A tributary of the Attawapiskat River drains into James Bay in northeastern Ontario, Canada. James Bay is a body of water within Hudson Bay, which extends south from the Arctic Ocean. Human presence along the shores of the bay can be traced back to the end of the last ice age roughly 8,150 years ago, and a number of Aboriginal communities remain there today. Created by @dailyoverview, source imagery: @digitalglobe.. . . . #overview #visithjo @visithjo #uponwallshjo

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⌜ We venerate our totem as a servant will venerate his master ⌟ by @deadlineartcollective from the collection RED SECTOR. Our friends in suits took a trip to a lighthouse outpost on Norwegian coast. Pictures from this collection is to be seen on a minor exhibition in Stockholm from September 23. At @styrelsen_barochbistro on Hantverksgatan 15. Drop in for a beer and enjoy the wird lovley story from the RED SECTOR. . . . . . #rasavilerow #dac_redsector #deadlineart #mentalpropell #lighthouse #crocketandjones #dappermen #norway #coast #ocean #lighthouse #fineart #photoart #uponwallshjo #uponwalls

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⌜ I know what you thinking ⌟ by @susannewalstrom. This one and the others are from the brand new book “BLACK LAVA FAIRY TALE”. It has taken years and many travels to the mythology island up north to finish. We are glad to have it in our gallery and store. +4 very! exclusive posters just for the launch of the book. The fine art exhibition with the same name is coming up later this fall. AND you don’t need to love horses to love this story. Susanne has catch the whole stage of Icelandic nature. Dive in to the book in bio link. . . . . . . #iceland #icelandichorse #blue #travels #mountains #fineart #eye #water #mythology #blacklava #fairytale #blacklavafairytale #kerberverlag @kerberverlag

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⌜ Spitzkoppe⌟ by @susannwalstrom - from the collection DESERTS. A big, dramatic bump in the middle of nowhere. Mount Spitzkoppe in Namibia has been used as a location for many movies, like "2001: A space Odyssey" and "Mad Max: Fury Road" This is one of the pictures we had at our very first vernissage and exhibition ever at uponwalls. Still a favorite. Like a drawing by @herge from a TinTin book. #desert #travel #travelphotography #susannewalstrom #wonderful_places #beautifuldestinations #theandes #mountains #uponwalls #uponwallshjo #visithjo @visithjo #africa #namibia #flying #bluesky #photoart #tintin #hergé

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IT`S WEEKEND AND FOR THE PHOTO ART LOVER THE FLUID EXHIBITION IN JÖNKÖPING IS WIDE OPEN. Why not spend some time in Jönköping. Having Fika or lunch just beside the exhibition. . . . Pic1: ⌜ The Irish Woman ⌟ by @zenaholloway from the collection WATERBABIES. Inspired by The Waterbabies written by Charles Kingsley in 1863. The story of a boy’s journey to the bottom of the ocean and all the creatures he meets along the way… . . Pic2: ⌜ Angel II ⌟ by @zenaholloway from the collection ”THERE ARE ANGELS”. “Behind me I feel her presence, my ancestress, my double, turning in midair under the chandelier, in her costume of stars and feathers, a bird stopped in flight, a woman made into an angel, waiting to be found.” – Margaret Atwood, A Handmaid’s Tale . . . #freeasabird #lightasair #imaginarymagnitude #dreamermagazine #ratedmodernart #bg_underwater 💧 #fisheyelemag  #photocinematica #uponwalls #uponwallshjo #exhibition #handmaidstale

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This artwork is the tribute to the fact that we now have 600 followers. WHOOOOAOOOW. Not much, we know but still 600 followers by organic growth and people who likes what we do. And 600 for which we are incredibly grateful. If you grow fast, something breaks down an old mentor told us! Art takes time so we grow slowly and safely. Thanks no 600 @marcuscederberg. Let’s talk about the artwork: . ⌜ Not your decision anymore ⌟ by @deadlineartcollective from the collection OFF THE GRID.  DAC have journeyed to the Faroe Islands. Ranging from the deep fiords in the North East to an abandoned NATO base close to Torshavn the suited gentlemen went off the grid in search of another country. This is what they found. #uponwalls #hjokonstrunda #uponwallshjo #visithjo @visithjo #natobase #nato #DAC_offthegrid #engineer #suits #deadlineartcollective #mentalpropell #madmen #comeon #coop #art #photography #badweather #atlanticairways

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