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⌜ LUDWIG ⌟ by @karlolinahenke. UOW is very happy to have started a collaboration with fantastic Karolina Henke. She has previously worked with Fotografiska Stockholm. The Swedish Opera etc etc. and has a lot of fun and beautiful projects, both iconic and brand new, which we will show to the world. Welcome to a bunch of great people here at UOW that will take good care of you. Our first project togheter will be in Hjo June 7-9 during at their yearly art weekend @hjokonstrunda were we will exhibit her work in a old Church that now has become a place for culture. #uponwallshjo #uponwalls #nature #backtonature #fineartphotography #woods #feathers #visithjo @ilovehjo @karolinahenke

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⌜ BIGEYE TRIVIALLY ⌟ by @samvisualz.  A new image from our self-taught new friend Sam Balani across the planet. We will show several of his works in the gallery during the art weekend 7-9 June. Sam will also take over @hjokonstrunda instagram in a few weeks and show how his photographic environment looks like. For those of you who like to dive, no one will be disappointed. #diving_photography #oceans #artphoto #underwater_world_ #uponwalls #uponwallshjo

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⌜ Alejandro Gonzáles Inárìttu ⌟ by @bergmark69 from the ”Directors Cut” collection. Some photographers tell people to stand in front of the camera. Others tell them to hide under the pillows in a sofa. But this man can be put anywhere and still shine with all the Oscars, Golden globes, Academy Film Awards and good knows how many awards? Enjoy his films. UOW are currently working on a new exhibit with portraits in our home town of Hjo later this year where this one among many more will be shown. #directorscut #uponwalls #johanbergmark #directors

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⌜ REGGANE ROCK ⌟ by @dailyoverview. An incredible rock formation exists in the Sahara Desert, near the town of Reggane, Algeria. The climate in this region is torrid and almost rainless, with an average annual rainfall of less than 0.4 inches (10 mm). In the summer, daytime temperatures are known to consistently reach 122°F (50°C), earning this area its nickname — the “triangle of fire.” . .UpOnWalls & Daily Overview are currently planing and working with upcoming exhibitions och lectures in Sweden later this year. The earth is smaller the you think when you collaborate with someone who is on the other side of it. :-) 116x152cm (40x60 inch) Dibond. #overview #earth #plantenearth #sustainable

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⌜ Now I’m here, I’m here ⌟ from the collection HE IS MY BROTHERS by @deadlineartcollective. The men I suits created a Deadline Art project set in Hjo, Sweden during 48 hours in May last year. It became very popular by the locals and as always with DAC it makes people smile. Happy art! 150x100cm 1/19.

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uponwalls. The project ⌜ Hidden Rivers ⌟ by  @zenaholloway. A beautiful urgent an

The project ⌜ Hidden Rivers ⌟ by @zenaholloway. A beautiful urgent and at the same time sad story of rivers in england. No one sees these pictures and becomes unmoved. Photographed by our talented and dear friend Zena. See link in bio - - ”Rivers tell a story of the land and the people who loved, laughed, struggled, fought and crossed the river before us. Today they are largely hidden, tucked away beyond the promenades, city roads and industrial no-man’s land where they are all-too-often only glimpsed from a driver’s seat.” - ZH.

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⌜ ORIAN ⌟ by @zemotion – Today is an important day. The international women's day. Let’s give the woman some extra focus today. This shoot was a study during Jingna´s travels for her series based on Asian cultures and mythologies. Photographed in Tokyo 2017. Isn’t it just lovely.👁

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⌜ Barracuda ⌟ by @samvisualz . A shoal of barracudas passes in front of the camera. Another picture from the series “Into the blue.

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uponwalls. ⌜ In to the Blue ⌟ @samvisualz A Reef Manta Ray (Manta alfredi)  slowl

⌜ In to the Blue ⌟ @samvisualz A Reef Manta Ray (Manta alfredi) slowly swims away into the blue unknown. This is the first picture we show from a new collaboration with a young photographer named  Sam Balani based in Bali who literally lives among the inhabitants of the sea. We like both his commitment and his poetic way of creating images of this environment. Sam’s photos contribute in our amition to show through art and photography the beautiful nature gives us. We gona show a collection for a public space in Stockholm next week. We take it from there. #theocean #blue #nature

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⌜ He had so many talents, and then he just disappeared ⌟ from the OFF THE GRID Collection by @deadlineartcollective . This is a true favorite with the most lovely title :-) The suited gentlemen Erik & Kristian took off to the Faroe Islands to an abandoned NATO base close to Torshavn and went off the grid in search of another country. 150x100 cm. Dibond. Black frame. #faroeislands @visitfaroeislands #suitsfans #suit #gentleman

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⌜ Green-Tiger-Beetle ⌟ from the MICROSCULPTURE Collection by @levonbiss. This is one of 40 insects in super resolution from Levon that we working with when designing a new art exhibition for the Swedish Natural Historical Museum @naturhistoriska Big pictures are about to be shown. There isn’t many that can’t take these picture that contains 8-10.000 exposures for each picture and that takes up to 3 weeks to make....exept Levon. You Will be surprised what you see in these smal creatures when they are two meters in highres👁👁. Starts in September 2019. #insects_macro #insectsphotography

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⌜ Rudi ⌟ by @zemotion . From a set of high-drama beauty images for Harper’s Bazaar Singapore. No 1/5 is in the gallery. She has never done any projects in Sweden yet! So we hope we can make that happen in 2019. #zemotion #harpersbazaarsg #beauty #fineart

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This is ⌜ The Overview Effect ⌟ exhibition that we start to wake up again. New perspectives and interesting new pictures on the human behavior on earth will be present. On show later this year. #perspective #earth #humanbehavior

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⌜ Closing Time #3 ⌟ by @annicathomsson The fog is embracing me. Erecting walls around me. The sun burns through and the magic is broken. #dimma #fog #foggy #dreamcatcher #dream

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⌜ Eternal Faith ⌟ from the collection WHERE EVERYTHING CHANGES by @deadlineartcollective Venice is a place out of time, where past, present and future intermingle and interact with an effortless grace. One of the key dogma in ongoing deadline art series is «You cannot go back». For Venice we will probably have to make an exception. #venice #photoart #escape #italy

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⌜ Julia Ragnarsson ⌟ Here is another lovley iconic portrait of a brilliant swedish actor by @bergmark69 that’s hang on the walls at the exhibit at @hotellfjallgarden.

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⌜ Iron & Wine ⌟ Sam Beam is a brilliant Indie Folk musician known as Iron & Wine. @ironandwinetour This wild-beard-kind-eyes photo was taken in Stockholm 2018 by our great @bergmark69. It´s one of over 50 iconic portraits we have on the walls at @hotellfjallgarden - the best Ski-in-Ski Out Hotell we have in Sweden. The only exhibit you can skii to and see in ski boots. Up from now until Maj 1th. Enjoy if you are in @aresweden #familarfacesexhibit

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⌜ Port of Singapore ⌟ by @dailyoverview and @benjaminrgrant Our plans now is to give a new audience a new perspective of Planet 🌎 in our capital of Stockholm ( @visitstockholm ) in a open air exhibition. We don’t rest when it comes to open peoples 👁. . . . Cargo ships and tankers – some weighing up to 300,000 tonnes – wait outside the entry to the Port of Singapore. The facility is the world’s second-busiest port in terms of total tonnage, shipping a fifth of the world’s cargo containers and half of the world’s annual supply of crude oil. Photographed at an altitude of 600 km from outer space.

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