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With United States Weightlifting President Ursula Garza Papandrea 😎

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utah_barbell. Highlights from some of our athletes this week!

Clip 1: @michelleleep

Highlights from some of our athletes this week! Clip 1: @michelleleepalmer executing cleans into split jerks perfectly. We’ll program this movement to help athletes improve explosiveness coming out of the squat and to improve thoracic extension and overall posture in the clean. . . Clip 2: Darnell (@_darno_ ) warming up with pause cleans. His new nickname is “Textbook” because everything he does has textbook form. . . Clip 3: Camille (@hendrixca ) performing hang power snatches. Camille has excellent mobility. She is doing a great job bringing the bar to her hip and is quickly developing her ability to hit triple extension. We are really excited about her progress! . . @utah_barbell welcomes athletes of all backgrounds and experience levels and we will program to meet your needs! . . . . . . #fitness #gym #lifting #olylifting #olympiclifting #olympicweightlifting #crossfit #functionalfitness #strength #strongmoms #womenwholift #technique #power #focus #exercise #excellence #usaweightlifting #strengthandconditioning #gains

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Cleans with Pause at the knees at 85-102-110-127 kg. I love this variation because: 1) it reinforces good posture in the back and lats . 2) it forces you to bring the bar into your mid thigh and extend the hips. If you don’t, the bar ain’t moving. . 3) it quickly exposes weaknesses in the pull. I am jumping forward in my cleans and need to focus on having even weight distribution in my feet so I stay balanced . . Weightlifting is a sport of positions. If you want to clean and snatch well, work on the positions of said lifts. Please reach out or DM if you’re looking for any help at all with your strength training or classic lifts! . If anyone sees any other flaws, please point them out lol. Thanks to @olychad and @squat_university for the inspiration on this. #weightlifting #cleans #cleanandjerk #olylifting #olympiclifting #strengthandconditioning #klokov #lifting #gym #fitness #endurance #technique #crossfit #crossfitlife #usaweightlifting #weightliftingusa #slambarskillprs #slambars #gymmotivation #fitnesslife #liftingisfun

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utah_barbell. @utahbarbell athlete Alex Hendrix (@extremewrestler1 ) hitting a heavy

@utahbarbell athlete Alex Hendrix (@extremewrestler1 ) hitting a heavy back squat single at 126 kg and then doing a clean deadlift with some hang power cleans to follow. We’ve been having Alex do clean pulls and clean deadlifts multiple times a week. Alex can clean much more than this, but is trying to learn how to bring his hips forward while simultaneously bringing the bar into this mid thigh. We are very proud of his progress. He is pound for pound one of the strongest young men we’ve ever worked with, we just need to refine his technique. He is a two time CIF wrestling champion, and we are confident his winning ways will continue as he develops as a weightlifter as well. Also, shout out to @builtbygogan for letting our athletes train at his top of the line gym! DM @micahlinngogan if you’re in Midway/Heber or Utah County and need some personal training! #weightlifting #olympicweightlifting #olympicweightlifter #youthweightlifting #usawrestling #wrestling #cleans #deadlifts #olylifting #gym #fitness #strengthandconditioning #power #utahweightlifting #snatches #explosion #itsallinthehips #patience

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utah_barbell. Happy Late Birthday to @utahbarbell athlete @erinmalan (@the_mighty_mo

Happy Late Birthday to @utahbarbell athlete @erinmalan (@the_mighty_mommy ). Erin is one of the most efficient and technically savvy athletes we’ve ever seen. Everytime she touches the barbell, we know the lift will be crisp, precise, and executed near perfectly. Being a competitor and mom can’t be easy, but we think she’s doing a pretty amazing job! Thanks for letting us be a part of your life Erin!! #weightlifting #crossfit #fitness #cleanandjerk #snatch #nationals2020 #technique #lifting #olympicweightlifting #usaw #usaweightlifting #strongwomen #strongmoms #momswholift #gym

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utah_barbell. Posted @withrepost • @katherineenye 😬 well here’s a dose of realness

Posted @withrepost@katherineenye 😬 well here’s a dose of realness for my followers today hahaha 😬 That picture of me with my cute lil abs and Bambi legs was taken almost exactly 2 years ago at the 2017 AO3-right before I weighed in well below 63kg. On any given day now, I weigh between 73-75kg, which means I’ve gained 12kg/25lb in the year and a half I decided to move up. That means I’ve gained OVER A POUND EACH MONTH-for almost 2 years. // I’ve kinda skirted around how I have felt about this unique transformation. It’s hard to put it out here because I quite frankly struggle with it-but I’ve done what I had to do to be in the best place possible to achieve my goal of making it to the Olympics. And yes, I’d do it all over again. I went from being in the best shape (aesthetically) of my life to being the heaviest I’ve ever been by a long shot. I’m seeing numbers on the scale I never thought I’d see. But you deal with the cards you’re handed no matter if it’s difficult or not. I’d be lying if I said it was easy looking in the mirror, or seeing my body change like it has. That’s not to say I don’t like some of the changes (hello monster legs, ily), but this is not ideal for me. When it comes down to it, I guess the point I’m trying to make is that I’m doing what I need to do, and that’s fine. // I have the rest of my life to get my abs back, to feel confident in my own skin (I’m still confident, but definitely not comfortable), but right now all I want is to be the best lifter I can be. If that means sacrificing the body I once had, that’s alright. Because to be a champion, you have to be willing to be uncomfortable in more aspects of your life than you probably realize. One day I’ll be able to eat/look/live whatever way I wish, but today is not that day. Today I’m going to stuff my face until I’m full, then eat some more, because that’s my priority right now. // Yeah I’ve rambled kinda a lot by now but to anyone out there that may be struggling with weight gain, intentional or unintentional, keep your head up. It’s not easy, no matter who tries to tell you it is, and the only way to get through it is by continuing to love yourself throughout the change ☺️

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utah_barbell. 😔
Posted @withrepost • @sohrab.moradiii سلام به همه مردم عزیز ایر

😔 . . Posted @withrepost@sohrab.moradiii سلام به همه مردم عزیز ایران ،امروز کتفم که در حین تمرینات آسیب دیده بود جراحی شد ،خداروشکر خیلی‌خوب بود وانشالاه با دعای خیر شما دوستانم ،مردم عزیز ایران ،دوباره به تخته بازمیگردم ،از دکتر بابک امینی عزیز و دوستم حسین ابرون که سنگ تموم گذاشتن ممنونم ازشون خیلی تشکر میکنم و همه عزیزانی که نگران من بودن ،التماس دعا یاعلی

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utah_barbell. Block work: when you need to go heavy but need to quickly recover. .

Block work: when you need to go heavy but need to quickly recover. . . Posted @withrepost@toshikis170j210 - block power clean & power jerk 170KG @crossfit_blackships 基本的に僕のリフティングは手本にならないけど エンターテイメント性はあります笑 動画🎥→ @take_kasai #ウエイトリフティングやろうぜ #weightlifting #snatch #cleanandjerk #squat #deadlift #耐えて勝つ #率先垂範 #山本俊樹 #LEGACYLIFTER

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utah_barbell. #Repost @_hunterelam with @get_repost
Every decision I make on a d

#Repost @_hunterelam with @get_repost ・・・ Every decision I make on a day to day basis is centered around this barbell. Crazy how something can be the absolute center of your life.. Stay up an extra hour to finish my favorite show? No, I have to go to bed and rest. Eat the piece of cake my friend baked for me? No. I have to make weight. Go out on the weekend? No. I don’t need distraction and I have training to attend the next day. Every decision I come across I have to sit and ask myself will this help me reach my goals or will this set me back? Sound crazy?? Well that’s because it is. You have to be a little crazy to sacrifice everything for something. It gets tough, it gets boring, it gets hard..but I literally wouldn’t have it any other way.

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utah_barbell. At a #powerlifting meet, retired international class Russian weightlif

At a #powerlifting meet, retired international class Russian weightlifter Vladislav Lukanin squats 305kg @82,5kg—-🍑 to grass and almost ramrod straight up and down. If you’re going to squat, squat raw and use your legs! . . Posted @withrepost@lukanin_vladislav The seminar in Australia was a success. This is how foreigners see me 😂 this is a masterpiece, thanks, my friends! @crossfit_chasingbetter @chasingbetter_wod_supplies

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utah_barbell. The Russian research showed that there is no correlation with the “sta

The Russian research showed that there is no correlation with the “static pull”—what we call the “deadlift”—and results in the snatch. Nevertheless pulls done in a lively yet disciplined way must have some carryover, otherwise the best in the world at these lighter categories would presumably not use them. A recent interview with one of the top coaches in China seems to suggest that he, at least, thinks of them more as a bodybuilding tool rather than as direct and immediate influencer of, say, the ability to produce power (=force X velocity). Lots of research shows that power production is maximized at relatively low percentages, around 70%. At the end of the day what matters of course is results, and the proof appears to be very much in the Chinese’ pudding. So the Russian research notwithstanding, consider at least carefully crafted pulls as part of your regimen. If it works for you, perfect. If it doesn’t, you’ll at least think you know why 😉 . . Posted @withrepost@atginsta Big pulls! @dengweichina (64kg 🇨🇳 ) doing some heavy snatch pulls with 140kg / 308.6lbs, or about 122% of her international competition best (115kg / 253.5lbs). Although these are “touch n go” she still maintains perfect position the while time—her lowering of the weight looks just like her lifting of it! Note that she stay flat flooted even through the top of her extension, a variation of pulls done by several top athletes. While different coaches may use them for different ends, one thing this really emphasizes is driving through the mid foot and pushing against the platform with all the legs’ power. This strength work is one key to what keeps Deng Wei at the top of her class—she hasn’t lost in international competition since 2014! #snatchpull #snatchdeadlift #olympicweightlifting

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utah_barbell. A cue often given by an old coach to athletes just before launching a

A cue often given by an old coach to athletes just before launching a jerk: “light hands!!” . . Posted @withrepost@catalystathletics If your elbow lockout overhead in the snatch or jerk tends to be slow and incomplete, consider your grip tension. An excessively tight grip on the bar will limit the speed at which you can extend the elbow and make complete extension of the joint more difficult. This is confusing to many new lifters because of the common recommendation to squeeze the bar hard when bench pressing or pressing. Remember that in these two lifts, the goal is to produce as much force as possible, and a tight grip will help. However, in the jerk or snatch, relatively little force is necessary—the lockout is occurring while the bar still possesses some degree of upward momentum. More important than force production is the speed at which you’re able to punch the arms into a completely locked position before the weight of the bar is being fully supported. To feel the difference, press an empty bar as fast as you can into a complete lockout position overhead, first with the tightest grip possible, and next with the loosest grip possible. The speed and completeness of extension will, for most athletes, be noticeably better with the looser grip. When locking out the jerk and snatch, aim to hold the bar with only as much grip tension as necessary to maintain control and support the proper hand and wrist position overhead. Tag a friend who likes to choke the bar like a psycho. Videos by @hookgrip ___________________________________________________ Turn on notifications so you don’t miss anything! . #weightlifting #catalystathletics #garagemind #loudmindquietmouth #usaw #iwf #teamWAG @earthfedmuscle ___________________________________________________ Visit catalystathletics.com for the biggest collection of free weightlifting content!

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utah_barbell. Start of our new 12 week macrocycle! Here’s week one. Follow along if
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utah_barbell. ❤️X10^23
Posted @withrepost • @gym.advice Never forget those who b

❤️X10^23 . . Posted @withrepost@gym.advice Never forget those who believed in you..💯 - #believe #dreambig #gymadvice

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utah_barbell. Oh the multitude of sins this covereth!! Maybe the single easiest cure

Oh the multitude of sins this covereth!! Maybe the single easiest cure to like 5 different ills... . . Posted @withrepost@wu.lift where the head goes, the body follows - so look straight ahead. most lifters and crossfitters will look down, or look up (my hypothesis behind this is that this is because usually during a wod, this is the only thing that is stable in the room - either the ceiling or the floor). Unfortunately, this throws off the position of the body and as such will effect the lift. ⁠ Many times, I'll actually have my athlete turn around the face the wall. Find something on the wall, a blemish or spot. If there isn't one, put a piece of tape on the wall and stare at a corner of it for the entirety of the lift. believe it or not, a lot of times, this is all that it takes to drastically change the course of a lift and turn it from a missed lift to a made one. #getliftinggetlifted #reachyourpotential⁠ .⁠ ⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ @richardrussell_cf #olympicweightlifting #snatch #adaptive #adaptiveathlete #barbell #weightlifting #strong #veteran #armystrong #army #monterey #california #girlswhocoach #gym #fitness #train #fitfam⁣ #crossfit

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utah_barbell. Just want to point out that gentleman train well-dressed....

Just want to point out that gentleman train well-dressed.... . . Posted @withrepost@deadlifttherapy Serious business. 174kg/384lbs on 2.25" knurled axle, double overhand. Tempted to try 400 lbs, but I kinda need my thumb skin to stay on. #deadlifttherapy #deadlift #axledeadlift #grip #gripstrength #gripsport #armlifting #doubleoverhand #nohookgrip #strongman #powerlifting #physicaltherapy #physicaltherapist #beardsofPT #dptsthatlift #physioswholift #normalogremode #liftpolitely

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utah_barbell. Yes, just capture higher. Don’t spread your legs or do anything else t

Yes, just capture higher. Don’t spread your legs or do anything else that’s different from your full snatch. . . Posted @withrepost@atginsta POWER or... don’t even ask! @tomaloredanaelena 🇷🇴 (aka, the Tomanator) demonstrating some serious explosiveness with these power snatches at 75 and 85 kg (165 and 187lbs) from the 2019 British Open. Most athletes incorporate at least some power snatches in their training, as they can help develop speed and power and can encourage complete extension in the snatch (where more bar height is critical). BUT--for meaningful transfer of skills the power snatch should look as much like the regular snatch as possible, and if you compare these lifts to Lori’s full snatches you’ll see she’s doing exactly that. Maintain your form and guarantee that a missed power snatch is just a full snatch 😉 #powersnatch #snatch #slowmotion #olympicweightlifting

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utah_barbell. Grateful to have worked with Erin @the_mighty_mommy for coming up on 1

Grateful to have worked with Erin @the_mighty_mommy for coming up on 10 months. As I recently said, her technique makes it clear why she’s the Oly coach in her gym. #momswholift #postpartum . . . . . . . . . #deadlift

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utah_barbell. Michelle @michelleleepalmer was a little disappointed missing some top

Michelle @michelleleepalmer was a little disappointed missing some top jerks today, but I’m really pleased her clean pulls are, to my way of thinking, a lot more effective than when she first started with us. In this clip I juxtapose her cleans (and jerks ) today with those of a workout when she first started. Do you see the difference? Her clean pulls are now not “flailing” in the finish, but rather have a steady lead and flow into triple extension. . . #MastersWorldCup2019 #MastersWorldChampionships2020 . . #mastersweightlifting #weightlifting #squats #tripleextension #usaw #snatch #cleanandjerk #squateveryday #gainz #olympicweightlifting #girlswithmuscle #coach #pushpress #team #motivation #eleiko #usaweightlifting #nike #barbell #adidas #crossfit #utahbarbell #utahcenterforolympicweightlifting

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Darnell @_darno_ with an unofficial Utah State Record #snatch today of 89kg, this after a de-load week. Very nice 😎 #utahstaterecord #mastersweightlifting #utahcenterforolympicweightlifting

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utah_barbell. Again, so true, and in this case it’s my specialty that’s kicking in:

Again, so true, and in this case it’s my specialty that’s kicking in: physics (actually, mechanics, which is just the classical physics of how macroscopic objects interact with each other, usually while under the influence of gravity). Wayne Wilson, Olympian from the 1972 Games in Munich, said something like this to me a ways back “the closer the bar is to the combined center of gravity of the lifter-barbell system, the lighter it will feel”. . . . Posted @withrepost@wu.lift Keep the bar close! I cannot stress enough the importance of this with olympic weightlifting. This alone can be the difference between making a heavy lift and missing.⁣⠀⁠ This picture is from the 2015 Crossfit Games in the Athlete warm up area with Crossfit Games Individual Athlete Denae Brown. Here we are working on just that - keeping the bar close. Denae has a PVC pipe in her hand and I am providing tension by pulling on the bar. ⁣⠀⁠ So, for those of you out there who are not Crossfit Games Athletes and feel like they struggle with keeping the bar close, or with olympic weightlifting in general, perhaps this will make you feel better - knowing that there are other athletes, even Games Athletes, that struggle with the same things as you do. The fundamentals are the fundamentals. They can be boring and minute at times, but it's getting these little things right that lead to those amazing and fun moments like making the next lift, hopefully a PR, and hopefully in a room of all your friends. Keep on keeping on everyone. And keep the bar close. 😊 #igotchu #reachyourpotential⁣ #getliftinggetlifted⠀⁠ .⁣⠀⁠ .⁣⠀⁠ .⁣⠀⁠ .⁣⠀⁠ .⁣⠀⁠ #oly #olylifting #crossfit #fitness #weightlifting #olytips #training #wod #fitfam #powerlifting #crossfitgames #strength #usaw #olympicweightlifting #barbell #snatch #exercise #girlswholift #girlswhocoach #girlswhosnatch #bodybuilding #tip

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utah_barbell. I would go further and say a coach is someone who is in the room...and

I would go further and say a coach is someone who is in the room...and riding your 🍑 on each and every lift. Online coaching should only be done if there is no other way to work with the very best on a regular basis. Also, if economics bore full sway, working with the very best—either in the room, or in the worst way possible, online—should cost hundreds of dollars a month: to get feedback on each and every lift is actually priceless, but a few hundred dollars a month will help make both parties—coach and athlete—deadly serious about extracting the most from every session. #onlinecoaching #bites

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utah_barbell. Wishing Chen the all best, especially since the IWF/IOC threw the baby

Wishing Chen the all best, especially since the IWF/IOC threw the baby out with the bath in banning all Russian’s those years after Sochi, even ones like Chen who’ve never tested positive. And this might be his last chance at Olympic glory... . . Posted @withrepost@atginsta ⚡️O-L-E-G spells “speed!”⚡️ @chenoleg (73kg 🇷🇺) with 150kg / 331lbs, showing off the hallmarks of classic Russian technique—drive through the midfoot off the floor, shoulders over the bar, aggressive second pull and punch under. ATG Patrons can already watch the session video. Oleg’s best international competition snatch of 160kg (as a 69) can hang with the world’s leaders in the 73s, but his best clean and jerk (184kg) lags behind a bit. If he wants a shot at being competitive for Russia’s lone male spot in Tokyo 2020 he may need to go down to the 67kg class. Whatever the case, let’s hope we see him on the platform in Thailand! #150kg #330lbs #snatch #slowmotion #olympicweightlifting

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utah_barbell. My happy spot the Meganator @projectburr back from...the southern coas

My happy spot the Meganator @projectburr back from...the southern coast of St. Bart’s, sunbathing with spider monkeys for the past two weeks 😉 Oh, and she brought a friend Karissa @mrs.jackson_0314 who I think we could make into a Utah State Record holder if she wanted! Such a fun session!! #weightlifting #snatch #cleanandjerk #utahcenterforolympicweightlifting

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utah_barbell. My favorite bishopric member #hangsnatching 107.5kg/235lb at like 0lbs

My favorite bishopric member #hangsnatching 107.5kg/235lb at like 0lbs bdywt 😎👊 . . Chance @chancerummler starts medical school Monday but I hope to program him for three 45 min sessions a week to see if he can qualify for #2020usweightliftingnational . . #utahbarbell #strongestteaminthehistoryofutah

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utah_barbell. What I want National Athlete @projectburr to do tomorrow—with exactly

What I want National Athlete @projectburr to do tomorrow—with exactly the same load 😉 (but seriously, all except maybe his last were “deep power”, which is probably more useful to you Megan than tall power.) . . Posted @withrepost@okulllov Работа идёт . Тихо , но идёт . 140 kg

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