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My favorite moments are when I’m out of the house adventuring and traveling, something I haven’t gotten to do much of in the past couple months. After half of the year already flew by, i have to make up for lost time and I’ll definitely be out more creating more content for you all. This is a shot of my partner in crime @jessicafang as we chased sunset. At this spot, if the weather is right you’ll get to witness a beam of light shining throughout valley that’ll make you come back every time. I hope you all have a great week!

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I swear sunsets in Hawaii are amazing and are unlike any place that I’ve seen them. Ive noticed that some the best moments happen when you least expect them to, and on this day I wasn’t even planning to shoot but we decided to go at the very last second. We made it just in time for the show

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Another beautiful weekend in Hawaii. After spending the morning in the water with dolphins i felt so energized and wanted to take more photos. I typically don’t shoot when the sun is high above my head but I couldn’t help myself, the scene was too beautiful not to. This was the perfect way to cap our morning. Swipe to see the full pano!

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I’ve always been a believer that the journey is more important than the destination. Everyone will take their own path to get there, and in most cases there’s never a right or wrong way. I had a great time with some even better company during morning rush hour. These guys are so special to swim alongside with. Shot on the @sonyalpha RX0ii.

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Every time i go on a hike, I’m reminded how small we are in this world. Our impact on the places we live in are beyond measurable and we must do our part to ensure they remain beautiful for generations to come. This spot has an endless view of mountain ridges that stretch around the island and has a stage to set it all up! Definitely have to come back here soon

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Island hopping in the Philippines was definitely the highlight of our trip. There are thousands of islands in this country, and each one is beautiful. My favorite part of seeing them were the huge contrast of colors as the vibrant reefs fall off in the deep ocean. I know we will make it back here soon because there’s so much more to explore. Who wants to go island hopping?!

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There’s always something beautiful about every day, it’s up to you to find it.

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Adventure awaits Super stoked to announce that this image is on the cover of @hawaiimagazine July/August edition. I want to thank the team for giving me the opportunity to work with them! Mahalo!

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All that remains one a once active volcanic crater. This is one of the views I can never get tired of, and that drive around the coast is special as well. I shot this a few mornings ago after it had rained the week before. Kokohead looks amazing when it’s green.

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Spent the morning of July 4th with @jessicafang as we watched these beautiful dolphins swim around. The conditions were absolutely amazing and thankfully there were no tour boats while we were there. I hope you all have an amazing weekend!

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Always take the scenic route

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Palm trees and sunsets, the perfect ending to any day

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