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A utopia for avid surfers worldwide. Photo By: @pandadrone1

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Wrap yourself around the greenery of La Fortuna. Photo By: @stellaprotisvetu

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Witness the clearest blues of Rajada Beach. Photo By: @Giulio_dng

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Be enthralled by the history and memories of the first church built in Costa Rica in the 18th century. Photo By: @luisca_cr

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The name Irazú is a derivative of an indigenous word that means “thunder and earthquake mountain” -- very fitting for this fascinating sight. Photo By: @luisca_cr

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A beautiful sight that will leave you speechless. Tag who you’d like to hike Cerro Pelado with below!

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Admire the wonderland of blue that is the Celeste River. Photo By: @dlewphotography

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Take a boat ride to explore Tortuguero’s rainforest, birds and animals. Photo By: @mrsgrubby

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This secret (but not so secret anymore) beach can be found at the far end of the Malapaís road. It’s a great spot to see fish, eels, octopus, stingrays, sea turtles, lobsters and many more.

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For a uniquely exciting experience, check out the Children's Museum, which is a space dedicated for families and children to play all day.

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Known as the Pacific Coast's gem, Playa Flamingo is the definition of a tropical paradise. 📷: @serendipity_charters

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Find magic under the palm trees. 📷: @coconutconcussion

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